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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.

Hand Sanitizer Available for Senior Care Facilities and Hospitals

Apr 9, 2020

The Rural Health Alliance (RHA) is working with several liquor distillers in our region that are making hand sanitizer. This is a temporary situation until the larger producers of hand sanitizer can catch up to appropriate stocking levels.

The tier-one priority right now is getting hand sanitizer to senior care facilities and hospitals. The demand far exceeds supply. RHA is helping distillers with the logistics of distributing the hand sanitizer to healthcare facilities in our region. RHA will send out a weekly email asking you to respond if your facility needs hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer will be produced in gallon jugs. There will be a minimum/maximum of four gallons that must be ordered per week.

Hand Sanitizer Specifications

The specifications for the hand sanitizer will follow specifications required by the World Health Organization*:

  • Ethanol 80%
  • Glycerol 1.45%
  • Hydrogen peroxide .0125%

This hand sanitizer is more "liquid like" than the product people may be accustomed to using. The cost of the hand sanitizer will vary between from $20-$40 depending on shipping. The weekly allotment of four gallons will be monitored weekly as supplies are managed.

How to Order

If you would like to place an order, contact:

  • Chad Fullmer
    Vice President, Business Development
    Rural Health Alliance
    Cell: (701) 412-1557

* The Center for Rural Health does not endorse any products and cannot vouch for the actual contents or effectiveness of any products.