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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.

Host an R-COOL-Health Scrubs Camp

Sep 8, 2021

Are you interested in hosting an R-COOL-Health Scrubs Camp in your community? Grant applications are currently being accepted for the 2021-2022 season. The R-COOL-Health Scrubs Camps are one-day health career awareness camps in rural communities. A partnership of a local healthcare facility, economic or job development authority, and a school(s) work to create a one-day camp for students to learn about careers in healthcare from local healthcare professionals. Scrubs Camps are focused on rural students in grades 5-12. The overall purpose of the program is to increase awareness, interest, and understanding of health careers available in rural North Dakota through creative and interactive activities. This exciting program is coordinated by the Center for Rural Health (CRH) at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

COVID-19 Considerations

Due to this being an unprecedented time, we want to be able to have students discover as many health professions as possible. For that reason, your application this year may look different from previous years. If you do not want to hold an in-person camp, we recognize virtual education may be an alternative way to host a Scrubs Camp at this time and are open to that option. If you want to write your proposal in anticipation of an in-person camp and end up needing to change it to a virtual experience, that is fine too. We are all hopeful that we will be able to hold in-person camps later this school year but recognize that may not be possible.

Modified Camp Ideas

  • Virtual tours of your facility.
  • Interviews with health professionals utilized in your area telling the students about their profession (why they chose it, what a typical day is like, etc.) and/or demonstrations of procedures and activities conducted by the profession. These can be prerecorded or live. If they are prerecorded, we recommend having the presenter available for a live Q&A.
  • Utilize Zoom (or similar platforms) to hold question/answer sessions with professionals and students.
  • Make hands-on kits for each student. If they are in their classrooms it may be possible to give the teacher the supplies to do a hands-on activity and virtually walk them through it via Zoom or mail/deliver to kids that are learning at home.

CRH is working with rural providers to have some sessions recorded and available for use by camps if they wish.

Proposal Deadline

Grant proposals are due October 28 by 4:00 pm Central.


Contact Kylie Nissen, program director
(701) 777-5380