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Oral Health TeleECHO Series Now Available

Nov 5, 2021

The North Dakota Department of Health Oral Health Program, in partnership with the University of North Dakota and Project ECHO, hosted an eleven-part series focused on improving oral health in North Dakota through services provided by primary care and public health professionals.


Oral health in primary care teleECHO™ details include:

  • FREE continuing medical education (CME) for medical professionals
  • Sessions are prerecorded, and 45-60 minutes each
  • Sessions with CME will be freely available online for one year


Topics covered in this series include:

  • The need to address oral health in primary care settings
  • Completing pediatric dental screens in primary care settings
  • Applying and billing for fluoride varnish application in a health care setting
  • Talking with patients about safe drinking water, community water fluoridation, and oral health in the pediatric and young adult patient
  • Screening for, and discussing, oral health concerns among older adults
  • Importance of discussing and addressing oral health with pregnant persons
  • Providing oral health care for adults who are covered by Medicaid or who are uninsured
  • Preventing use of non-dental facilities for dental care in North Dakota
  • Implementing medical-dental integration in North Dakota
  • Working with patients who are American Indian or Alaska Native: Oral health screening, referral, and education
  • Discussing oral health and prevention strategies with patients in non-dental settings

View the Recordings


If you have any questions about this Project ECHO series, please contact Julie Reiten, Project ECHO coordinator at If you have specific questions about the North Dakota Department of Health Oral Health Program, please contact the program director, Cheri Kiefer, at