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Seven Generations Center of Excellence in Native Behavioral Health Aazhogan Program

2017 Aazhogan students 2017 Students: Samuel Deering, Kayla Azure, Katelynn Vondall, Devin Counts

Aazhogan, meaning “bridge” in the Native American Anishinaabe language, is a program designed to assist tribal high school and college students with the transition from rural reservation life to university life. The four-week, six-credit, intensive summer program is for Native American students enrolled at the University of North Dakota (UND) in the upcoming fall semester. The program is intended to help students interested in pursuing a career related to the health sciences (preferably behavioral health) understand and cope with the challenges they may face in their transition to at UND.

Aazhogan enhances student success by:

  • Facilitating the creation of a support network by connecting students with academic advisors, learning services, and other programs/resources.
  • Enrollment in University Life Course – an introductory overview of classes and campus life at UND that encourages professional and academic development as well as personal responsibility and individuality.
  • Becoming familiar with UND’s surroundings
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