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Seven Generations Center of Excellence in Native Behavioral Health Partners

UND Partners

These partners are all part of the Seven Generations Center of Excellence grant and provide support to the Center in various ways.

American Indian Student Services (AISS)
AISS provides culturally appropriate student support services designed to enhance the academic and personal success of American Indian students attending UND.

AISS provides recruiting, transition, and retention services for the Seven Generations Center of Excellence. Particularly, undergraduate programs such as Aazhogan, peer mentoring, student success, and Tribal Ambassadors Program are carried out through AISS.

Department of Counseling Psychology & Community Services
The Department of Counseling Psychology & Community Services at UND houses the undergraduate programs for counseling, recreation and tourism studies, and rehabilitation and human services and the graduate programs for counseling, counseling psychology, and rural psychology and integrated care.

Stipend support for one Native American graduate student in the Counseling program, a clinical placement for a doctoral student at an integrated care site, and participation in the research, speakers, scholars, and cultural activities of the Seven Generations Center of Excellence are available to students in the Counseling Program.

UND Counseling Center
The UND Counseling Center (UCC) serves students on campus, in the community, and around the nation through direct and online services. UCC’s mission is to provide personal counseling, career counseling, outreach, psychoeducational opportunities, testing, pre-doctoral and practicum training opportunities to students, the community, the nation, and the world.

The SGCoE funds up to two pre-doctoral interns for the UCC per year who are Native American.  UCC staff and trainees participate with provided speakers, scholars, cultural activities, and other events sponsored by the SGCoE.

University of North Dakota INPSYDE
The University of North Dakota(UND) Quentin N. Burdick INPSYDE program is part of a larger attempt by UND to provide more mental health services and mental health professionals for the underserved Native American populations in North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Minnesota. There is a summer program for high school students and a graduate program for Clinical Psychology students.

Native Health Research Team
The Native Health Research Team is a group of upper-level undergraduate, graduate students, faculty, and staff doing native research who meet regularly with the goal of building a support network for conducting research with indigenous populations.

The SGCoE provides meetings for discussion of research, a biostatistician to assist with data analysis, a reference librarian to assist with literature searches, a technical writer to assist with review of written material, and funds to assist with dissertation, thesis, or faculty fellow pilot research. There are also trainings offered on various aspects of ethical research with indigenous communities.

Other Partners

Outside the University of North Dakota, Seven Generations Center of Excellence has partners to further the Center’s initiatives.

Northstar Council
The Northstar Council is a private North Dakota non-profit organization with the express mission of creating a Native American Cultural Center for the Greater Grand Forks community.

The Northstar Council provides cultural services to the Seven Generations Center of Excellence’s participants and partners.

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