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Seven Generations Center of Excellence in Native Behavioral Health Research Team

The Native Health Research Team (NHRT) is a group of Native American undergraduate and graduate UND students.

The NHRT is comprised of UND students with a declared behavioral health major. The team meets weekly to work on research, collaborate, and utilize physical and personnel resources.

Research Team Support Team

  • Team Leader/Mentor - Jacque Gray, PhD
  • Statistician – Tom Petros, PhD
  • Research & Education Librarian - Dawn Hackman, MS, AHIP
  • Technical Writer – Naomi Bender, MA

Research Materials

  • Lock boxes for carrying research data
  • External Data Drive
  • Assessments
  • Clipboards
  • Reading glasses
  • Numbering stamp
  • Other materials available

To learn more about joining the Native Health Research Team, contact:

Jan Flatin
(701) 777-6084

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