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Indians into Psychology Programs

Below is a list of Indian into Psychology Programs around the United States.

Oklahoma State University American Indians into Psychology (AIIP)
Oklahoma State University’s AIIP in the Psychology department provides outreach and recruitment for mental health careers to American Indian communities nationwide.  The summer program provides research and mental health experiences in tribal communities, research experience with university faculty, and training on applications to graduate programs. The American Indian students accepted into the Oklahoma State University Clinical Psychology program receive support through the AIIP program.

University of North Dakota INPSYDE
The University of North Dakota (UND) Quentin N. Burdick INPSYDE program is part of a larger attempt by UND to provide more mental health services and mental health professionals for the underserved Native American populations in North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Minnesota. There is a summer program for high school students and a graduate program for Clinical Psychology students.

Utah State University American Indian Support Project (AISP)
AISP at USU launched in 1986 as an effort to impact the shortage of Native American mental health professionals and school psychologists.

Organization Links

Below is a list of various external organizations which may be of interest to Native American students studying behavioral health.

Society of Indian Psychologists
The mission of the Society of Indian Psychologists (SIP) is to provide an organization for Native American indigenous people to advocate for the mental well-being of Native peoples by increasing the knowledge and awareness of issues impacting Native mental health. SIP is the largest organization of American Indian Psychologists and graduate students in the United States.

Native Research Network
The Native Research Network works to provide a pro-active network of American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Canadian Aboriginal persons to promote and advocate for high quality research that is collaborative, supportive and builds capacity. They promote an environment for research that operates on the principles of integrity, respect, trust, ethics, cooperation and open communication in multi-disciplinary fields.

American Psychological Association
APA’s mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives. APA supports quality educational programs for developing and training psychologists.

American Counseling Association
The American Counseling Association is a not-for-profit, professional and educational organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling profession.


A series of brief videos about environmental approaches in psychology. These videos were made for intro psychology students in mind but also designed to be accessible to other students and the public.

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