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University of North Dakota Psychology Internship Center (UNDPIC) SGCoE Sponsored Native American slots

Up to two Native American pre-doctoral psychology interns per year from 2013-2017 may be funded by the Seven Generations Center of Excellence in Native Behavioral Health. The sponsorship by the Seven SGCoE is listed below.


  1. Native American (American Indian, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian ancestry).
  2. Meet APPIC Criteria for Match.
  3. Meet UNDPIC Criteria for Match.

Compensation for each pre-doctoral intern:

  1. $23,400/year stipend
  2. $700 for EMDR Training registration
  3. $836 for travel to EMDR Training
  4. Compensation budgeted for two Native American Pre-Doctoral Interns/year 2013-2017.
  5. Contract for supervision of Native Interns is available for 2013 and will depend upon funding in future years.

Other aspects available through the SGCoE:

  1. Presentations by Native Clinicians on aspects of treatment in Indian Country.
  2. Presentations by Native Scholars on research and cultural adaptation of treatment for Native Americans.
  3. Connection with cultural, spiritual and ceremonial activities with Northstar Council.
  4. Participation in the “Rez Tour” in August before classes begin to visit the ND tribal communities.
  5. Interaction with the Native Health Research Team.


  1. Successfully complete the internship requirements.
  2. Participate in the program evaluation.

For more information, contact:

Jan Flatin
(701) 777-6084

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