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Nina SchexniderSGCoE Student Highlight: Nina Schexnider


Hello my name is Nina Schexnider. I am an enrolled member of the Sac and Fox nation of Oklahoma. I am also Muscogee Creek. I am the eldest of four sisters. I grew up in Chicago, Illinois about three blocks from the American Indian Center.


Where do you currently work?

  • I work at the West Wind Village as a nurse assistant. I am also a trained Thai massage therapist.

Tell us about your academic and career goals or how you already met them.

  • In December, I will have a degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Morris. I plan on continuing my education to be a nurse. I would like to work with children.

What are you doing right now to help propel you toward continued academic or career success?

  • I am currently working closely with nurses in the health field. This semester I am a teaching assistant for Anatomy. I am also taking several Biology classes that are not for my major but will help me in nursing school.

What or who has made the most meaningful impacts/differences in helping you succeed?

  • I find that the key to doing anything is being self-motivated. It has also helped that I was able to balance academics and fun. Doing things like hanging out, volunteering, and studying with other Natives helped me feel like I was not the only one struggling or working towards a goal.  

How has involvement with SGCoE helped shape your academic goals and career path?

  • SGCoE helped by preparing me for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The teachers, staff, and fellow students of SGCoE all supported me and prepared me to take the test. I started the GRE Prep Program feeling uncertain and nervous, and I left with so much confidence and many new friends.

What are some of the meaningful opportunities SGCoE has offered you?

  • I am planning to move to New Orleans, Louisiana next year, but if I was to stay around I would be applying for a couple of SGCoE opportunities. The two programs that I am most interested in are UND’s Indians into Psychology Doctoral Education (INPSYDE) Program and the Post Baccalaureate Program.

What advice would you give to another student considering applying for a SGCoE program?

  • Apply! You will meet people who really care about you and want to see you succeed.
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