CDC Community Transformation Grant (CTG)

The CDC Community Transformation Grant (CTG) was a national chronic disease and health status assessment project, funded through the North Dakota Department of Health. CDC-CTG ceased operation as of September 2014.


  • Conduct a statewide assessment of available infrastructure, partnerships, and policies that support healthy living in North Dakota.
  • Gather county-level information regarding health status and the burden of chronic disease.
  • Measure the readiness of a community to pilot potential activities and programs within these categories: tobacco-free living, healthy activity and nutrition, and clinical prevention services.
  • Plan for implementation of needed programs within communities.
  • Work with statewide stakeholders and establish partnerships for sustainable program initiatives.

Most Recent Publications

  • Community Engagement Toolkit
    This toolkit is designed to assist groups and individuals throughout North Dakota in engaging their community to make a difference through a collaborative process.
    Author(s): Knauf, T.
    Date: March 2015
    Type: Resource
  • Chronic Disease Assessment Report for North Dakota
    An assessment of policies and programs that address chronic disease in North Dakota.
    Author(s): Massmann, N., Gibbens, B., Peterson, M., and Quinn, R.
    Date: February 2014
    Type: Report

Most Recent Presentations