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Review the Process Flow Maps for the Cardiac System of Care

Every second counts in a cardiac arrest. As a critical part of this system you understand all too well the importance of efficiency. Given your experience delivering cardiac care, we want to hear from you. Would you please take a few moments to help us better understand your efforts in saving lives?

Does the Process Flow Map (PFM) reflect what you do? If yes, we would like to know you agree. If not, we would very much appreciate your feedback as to how the PFM should be changed.

Getting Started

You have two options for providing feedback:

  1. Online
  2. By mail

If you are unable to access Option 1 to provide feedback, please use Option 2.

Option 1: Providing feedback online

Before you start, we need a bit of background information about you. Please provide the information below so we can better track your feedback.

Gender: Male
Years of Experience:
Work Zip Code:
Sorry, the online feedback requires Internet Explorer 9 or higher. Please use Option 2 to provide feedback.

Option 2: Providing feedback by mail
Select your state and profession to view a PDF of the process flow map. You may print the document and add comments or suggestions and mail it to us at:

Eric Souvannasacd
Center for Rural Health Evaluation
250 Centennial Drive Stop 8138
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8138

North Dakota

South Dakota

We are working on completing the rest of the maps.

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