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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.

Webinar Playbacks

In ongoing efforts to foster the growth and sustainment of rural collaborative healthcare systems across the state, the Flex Program supports North Dakota CAH staff access to financial and operational improvement education. The following educational webinar playback is offered as part of these ongoing efforts.

Operationalizing Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC Scoring)

  • With increased movement to value based reimbursement across the market, the ability to accurately report patients' complex needs to account for their resource and cost utilization is becoming increasingly important. Multiple Medicare programs utilize Hierarchical Condition Category coding (HCC) as a means of communication of a patient's diagnosis history, current health status, and projected resource utilization. A lack of understanding of HCC and how their resulting Risk Adjusted Factor (RAF) scores are used to provide reimbursement to organizations, leaves you at risk of causing an unintentional negative impact to your organization's financial health.

Coding, Corroboration, and Compliance: How to Assure the "3 C's" are Met

  • Regulations abound throughout every healthcare setting. Periodic coding and medical record reviews help ensure organizations are in compliance with ICD-10 and CPT coding guidelines, the Federal Conditions of Participation, as well as Medicare and third party payer regulations. Without accurate documentation and coding, the organization may be at risk for reporting errors, or may be leaving money on the table for which they are entitled.