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Health in Partnership with Education (HIPE) Week

March 4-10, 2018 is Health in Partnership with Education (HIPE) Week in North Dakota!

Teachers and healthcare providers – team up to promote health careers! Many of the fastest growing professions will be in healthcare, so educating students about the opportunities that exist in the diverse field of healthcare is critical. Regardless of what grade or subject you teach or what kind of healthcare facility you work at, incorporate health careers into the week of March 4-10.

For more information about HIPE week, visit the North Dakota HOSA HIPE Week website.

Support HIPE Week

Educating kids and getting them excited about careers in healthcare is important. As the baby boomers retire and leave the healthcare workforce, they are subsequently aging and requiring additional healthcare services. At the same time, there are fewer and fewer high school graduates available to replace them.

  • By 2020, there will be a nationwide shortage of 100,000 physicians and 800,000 nurses.
  • The population of North Dakota residents 65 years and older from 2000 to 2010, has grown by 33%.

As you can see, HIPE Week is an important event to "grow our own" healthcare workforce. You can support HIPE Week in many ways.

  • Encourage your local school to take part in HIPE Week
  • Host a job shadowing day for high school students Host a coloring contest for elementary school students
  • Host a health career fair
  • Feature HIPE Week on your website
  • Any way you can think of!

We encourage your organization to participate, be creative, and use the provided resources. For questions, please contact Kylie Nissen at (701) 777-5380.

Thank you to the South Dakota Healthcare Workforce Center at the South Dakota Office of Rural Health for sharing HIPE week materials and ideas.

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