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North Dakota Oral Health Status

The Center for Rural Health began working to address oral health issues in North Dakota in 2014. The initial project assessed the existing oral health service capacity and evaluated unmet needs for oral healthcare. Recommendations were developed with input from oral health input group members, and the stakeholder group. These recommendations were presented to the North Dakota Health Services Committee.

Pew 2015-2016

In Fiscal Year 16, the Center for Rural Health staff evaluates the unmet need for oral healthcare in North Dakota, the existing oral health workforce, and the impact of recent efforts to improve access to dental services. This project addressed dental service provider shortages in underserved areas of North Dakota while evaluating previous policy resolutions.

This project will:

  • Update past research on oral health status
  • Analyze the effectiveness and potential impact of case management services, among other recent oral health initiatives
  • Examine the state infrastructure necessary to use mid-level providers for oral health services
  • Present oral health research to state and regional health provider groups
  • Track and share national and state funding opportunities for oral health research and initiatives

Pew 2014-2015

In Fiscal Year 15, the Center for Rural Health developed evidence-based recommendations to improve access to dental services in North Dakota. The project ran through April 2015 under funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts Children’s Dental Campaign.

This project:

  • Assessed the existing oral health workforce and service capacity
  • Evaluated the unmet need for oral healthcare
  • Conducted a facilitated group process to identify priorities
  • Developed a report of outcomes, findings, and recommendations
  • Presented recommendations to the North Dakota Health Services Committee
  • Performed analyses on selected available oral health workforce data

The assessment was informed by input from two groups:

  • The Stakeholder Working Group, comprised of individuals that represented populations in need of dental services
  • The Input Group, comprised of individuals that had experience working in the dental field

Background information, presentations, and other products from the project:

Most Recent Publications

Most Recent Presentations