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Oral Health in North Dakota’s Long Term Care Facilities (DentaQuest)

The Center for Rural Health began working with the North Dakota Department of Health Oral Health Program and the North Dakota Long Term Care Association in 2015 to assess oral health services among long term care facilities in North Dakota. Part of this work has focused on assessing the impact of the current North Dakota Long Term Care (LTC) Oral Health Program. Center staff serve on a Statewide Older Adult Oral Health Workgroup, and continue to research oral health access, utilization, and outcomes among long term care residents in North Dakota.

Researchers will:

  • Complete pre and post assessments among LTC facilities participating in the North Dakota LTC Oral Health Program. This program provides oral health services to LTC residents by bringing oral health providers, and their equipment, into the LTC facility to provide care.
  • Survey all North Dakota LTC facilities to identify current oral health systems as well as barriers to provide oral healthcare to LTC residents.
  • Survey and interview North Dakota dental providers working with LTC residents to identify best practices for other LTC facilities in the state.

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