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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.

July 2022 Center for Rural Health Update

FOCUS on Rural Health

The Spiritual Side of Healthcare
Spiritual guides explore the role of spirituality in healthcare.


CRH Welcomes New Employee
Gretel Kauffman has joined CRH as a web writer.

Rural Emergency Medical Services Counts Receives Abstract Competition Award
North Dakota Rural Emergency Medical Services Counts was awarded first prize at a national conference in June.

Adamsen Featured on International Association for Indigenous Aging Website
Dr. Collette Adamsen is featured as a Brain Health Advisory Group member.

Funding & Other Opportunities

Concussion Symposium Call for Presentations
The North Dakota Brain Injury Network (NDBIN) is hosting the 2022 Concussion Symposium on September 16 and is currently calling for presentations. Presentation topics should highlight new research, practice strategies, trends, and collaborative care models for people who have sustained concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries.
Deadline: July 25 @ 4:00 pm Central

2022 North Dakota Critical Access Hospital Subcontract Program
A request for proposals is now open for the North Dakota Critical Access Hospital Subcontract Program. Deadlines are on a rolling basis.

CRH Events

July 26 TeleECHO: Growing and Sustaining a Rural Palliative Care Network
This teleECHO series aims to provide insight on how to organize and better understand palliative care services in rural North Dakota communities.
July 27 Webinar: High Plains Fair Housing
Hosted by NDBIN, this webinar will discuss housing discrimination against persons with disabilities, housing accommodations and modifications, and what to do if you experience housing discrimination due to a disability.
August 3 TeleECHO: Brain Injury
In this teleECHO, Rebecca Quinn, of NDBIN, will lead a discussion about brain injuries and pediatric mental health.
August 9 TeleECHO: Interprofessional Functional Assessment – Basic and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
This teleECHO clinic will address knowledge gaps and expand understanding of medical and behavioral treatments for conditions common among the senior patient population.
August 10 TeleECHO: Dementia Friendly Dental Practices – Treatment Planning
Participants in this teleECHO clinic will learn practical tips to meet the oral health needs of adults with dementia.
August 10 Webinar: Lit Up My Mind
This NDBIN webinar features Laura Laureta, a brain injury survivor from Colorado, as she shares her website and other resources geared towards helping brain injury survivors.
August 17 POLST: Portable Medical Orders Awareness, Education, and Implementation Session
Hosted by Honoring Choices North Dakota, this monthly session equips attendees with skills and best practices regarding POLST: Portable Medical Orders.
August 17 TeleECHO: Helpful School Adjustments/Accommodations
Presented by Carly Endres of NDBIN, this teleECHO clinic will discuss school accommodations for youth.

Publications & Resources

Staving Off One's Mortality: Rural Kidney Health and Its Disparities
Discusses kidney health and access to not only disease-stabilizing treatment, but to renal replacement therapies for the 240,000 rural Americans who have kidney failure. Check out Rural Health Information Hub's latest Rural Monitor article.

Rural Health Policy: Rural Health Within the U.S. Health Policy Process
Brad Gibbens presented to the University of North Dakota Nursing Rural Health Programs and Research class in June.