Agricultural Medicine: Occupational & Environmental Health for Rural Health Professionals (Agrisafe)

A Capacity Building Course

  • Agricultural Toxicology -Health Effects of Agricultural Pesticides (Clayton Van Balen, MD)
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  • Physical Factors Affecting Health in Agriculture (Kelley Donham, MS, DVM, DACVPM, and Paul Gunderson, MS, PhD)
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  • Agricultural Trauma (LaMar Grafft, MS, and Paul Gunderson, MS, PhD)
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  • Agricultural Trauma – continued
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  • General Environmental Hazards in Agriculture: Focus on Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) (Kelley Donham, MS, DVM, DACVPM)
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  • Musculoskeletal Diseases and Ergonomics in Agriculture (Kelley Donham, MS, DVM, DACVPM)
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The Agricultural at Risk Report of 1999 described the need to train health and safety professionals (including industrial hygienists, safety specialists, nurses, physicians, and others) to provide care and prevention services for some four million agricultural producers and their families, as well as those who work in processing of raw agricultural products, such as meat or poultry processing. A 2002 follow-up report a decade later found little progress nationwide toward meeting that need, with the exception of a few programs scattered around the country.

The University of Iowa has offered this training in agricultural safety and health since 1974 through an intensive 40-hour course. You may go to the following link ( or see a SAMPLE of the course work. This Certificate Course offered each year at the University of Iowa has equipped over 400 health care and safety professionals with information and skills to provide clinical and preventive services to the agricultural sector.

The Center for Rural Health and Lake Region State College are working in partnership with the University of Iowa to bring this course to North Dakota health care professionals.

Intended Audience

  • Physicians / Physician assistants
  • Nurses / Nurse practitioners
  • Veterinarians
  • Health educators
  • Migrant health clinicians
  • Others with interest in rural and agricultural health care

Topics Include

  • Acute Agricultural Injuries
  • Agricultural and Rural Zoonotic and Emerging Diseases
  • Agricultural Skin Diseases
  • Agricultural Respiratory Disease
  • Behavioral Health Issues in the Farming Community
  • Cancer in Agricultural Populations
  • Environmental Hazards in Agriculture
  • Farm Tour
  • Health Effects of Agricultural Pesticides
  • Integration of Agricultural Occupational Health Care into Health Care Organizations
  • Musculoskeletal Diseases and ergonomics in Agriculture
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Selection/Respiratory Protection/Fit Testing
  • Physical Factors Affecting Health in Agriculture
  • Prevention of Illness in Agricultural Populations
  • Veterinary Biological and Therapeutic Occupational Hazards

Sponsored in Partnership With

  • Center for Rural Health, The UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Lake Region State College
  • Iowa's Center for Agricultural Safety and Health, The University of Iowa


Kylie Nissen, Project Coordinator