Research and Evaluation

The Center for Rural Health undertakes research and evaluation initiatives to support rural and tribal communities by:

  • identifying and describing health disparities
  • examining issues related to health care service delivery
  • determining the effectiveness of programs and interventions aimed at improving rural and tribal health
  • supporting the development of research expertise

What We Can Do for You

In the area of research and evaluation, we offer:

Our Expertise

The Center for Rural Health is home to many programs engaged in research. The Rural Health Reform Policy Research Center is one of seven federally-funded rural health research centers. CRH is also home to the National Resource Center on Native American Aging, which works with tribes nationwide on community-based participatory research. CRH faculty conduct research on behalf of foundations and North Dakota state government agencies, as well as through support from a variety of federal agencies. The Center's researchers have a wide network of contacts involved in rural health research across the country, as well as connections with key organizations and agencies within North Dakota. Mapping and working with large databases, including Medicare data, are particular skills of the Center's research team. The Center also has faculty with extensive experience in program planning and evaluation for local, county, state, federal, and international programs. Our evaluation experts can help plan and conduct evaluations for a wide variety of programs.

Key Contacts

We are interested in all aspects of research that relate to rural and tribal health. For general inquiries about CRH research:

For inquiries about specific topics:

Most Recent Publications

  • North Dakota Oral Health Report: Needs and Proposed Models, 2014 Executive Summary
    Schroeder, S., Jonk, Y., Schuller, K., Hall, K., Hart, G., & Gibbens, B. December 2014
    Executive Summary for the full North Dakota Oral Health Report. Reviews the findings from the 2014 assessment of oral health in North Dakota.
  • North Dakota Oral Health Report: Needs and Proposed Models, 2014
    Schroeder, S., Jonk, Y., Schuller, K., Hall, K., Hart, G., Gibbens, B. December 2014
    Needs, outcomes, findings, and stakeholder recommendations from the 2014 assessment of oral health need and policy recommendations for North Dakota.
  • Policy Brief: Rural-Urban Disparities in Heart Disease
    Knudson, A., Meit, M., & Popat, S. October 2014
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, claiming about 600,000 lives annually. This policy brief highlights rural-urban disparities in heart disease and focuses on three measures: 1) death rates for ischemic heart disease (IHD) among persons 20 years of age and older, 2) obesity among persons 18 years of age and older, and 3) physical inactivity during leisure time among persons 18 years of age and older.
  • Lessons Learned in Testing the Feasibility of Evaluating Transfer of Training to an Operations Setting
    Renger, R.; Granillo, B.
    Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, Volume 20 Issue 5 Pages 30-36, September 2014
    Article explores the feasibility, identifies challenges, and offers solutions to evaluation transfer of training to the operations setting. Eight lessons are shared including the need to design training courses to align to an operation-based exercise.
  • Collaborating to Improve Cardiac Care
    Massmann, N. September 2014
    North Dakota Medicine, Vol. 39, Issue 3

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