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The Center for Rural Health (CRH) produces publications of several types, including maps and presentations.


A Medical Journalist Insider
Dr. Kay Miller Temple is a medical writer for Rural Health Information Hub. She is also a physician with over 30 years of experience. That, coupled with her rural upbringing, helps her research and write articles with a unique perspective on complex rural health issues.
Author(s): Leier, M.
Publication: Focus on Rural Health
Date: May 2018
Type: Article
Rural Health Research Recap - Opioid Use and Treatment Availability
Examines opioid use in rural communities as well as the perceived need for and use of treatment for opioid use disorder.
Project: Rural Health Research Gateway
Author(s): Schroeder, S.
Date: January 2018
Type: Fact Sheet


Brain Injury Survivor Helps Others
Matt White is a brain injury survivor interning at the North Dakota Brain Injury Network. He's using his experience to help others dealing with similar situations.
Author(s): Leier, M.
Publication: Focus on Rural Health
Date: September 2017
Type: Article
Defining Systems to Evaluate System Efficiency and Effectiveness
Article focuses on the application of systems thinking, systems theory and systems evaluation theory (SET) in evaluating of modern day systems efficiency and effectiveness.
Author(s): Renger, R., Foltysova, J., Renger, J., Booze, W.
Publication: Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 17(3), 4-13
Date: August 2017
Type: Journal Article
Giving Native Elders a Voice
Sloan Henry co-hosted a World Elder Abuse Awareness Day event at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. It was a chance for Native elders to voice concerns to tribal leaders and the community.
Author(s): Leier, M.
Publication: Focus on Rural Health
Date: August 2017
Type: Article
Scrubs Project Report
Project report for Rural Collaborative Opportunities for Occupational Learning (R-COOL-Health) Scrubs Camps and Scrubs Academy.
Projects: Area Health Education Center Program, Rural Collaborative Opportunities for Occupational Learning in Health (R-COOL-Health) Scrubs Program, State Office of Rural Health
Author(s): Nissen, K.
Date: August 2017
Type: Report
Use of the Emergency Department for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Among Women
A study by the Rural Health Reform Research Center shows that women with mental health (MH) and substance abuse (SA) issues are putting a strain on emergency departments (EDs). This study helps identify trends among women in rural and urban communities who utilize the ED for MH/SA. The information can be used to help communities provide more relevant, appropriate, and less costly care.
Project: Rural Health Reform Policy Research Center
Author(s): Schroeder, S., Peterson, M., Jaeger, J.
Date: July 2017
Type: Fact Sheet
Keeping the Public in Rural Public Health
Theresa Will has an innovative approach with partnering to improve Public Health within her community.
Author(s): Gibbens, B.
Publication: Focus on Rural Health
Date: June 2017
Type: Article


Fourth Biennial Report: Health Issues for the State of North Dakota, 2017
Now in its fourth edition, the Report is a detailed look at the status of health, healthcare delivery, and the healthcare workforce across the state. It is the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of these issues available anywhere, and is the result of a collaborative effort of the Center for Rural Health, the School, and the School's Advisory Council.
Project: Healthcare Workforce Group
Author(s): UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences
Date: December 2016
Type: Report
What's in a Name?
Grand Forks is home to a national program with a big reputation in the rural health world. The Rural Health Information Hub provides the continued high-level service that their customers have come to expect, all under a new name.
Project: Rural Health Information Hub
Author(s): Massmann, N.
Publication: Focus on Rural Health
Date: March 2016
Type: Article