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Webinar: Rural Mental Health Disparities and Workforce Implications
Apr 23, 2019 -- This webinar is part one in a series addressing rural mental health. As the first in the series, this webinar will provide a basic introduction to rural mental health. Presenters will discuss the definition of rural, rural demographics, and data on rural mental health and mental health disparities. Speakers will also present rural issues of access, acceptability, and availability of rural mental healthcare services. Several resources will be shared for participants to find additional data, policy briefs, funding opportunities, best practices, and toolkits specifically addressing rural mental health.

Deadline is Fast Approaching: Register Now for Early Bird Rates on Dakota Conference
Apr 15, 2019 -- The Annual Dakota Conference on Rural and Public Health is taking place June 11-13 in Minot, North Dakota.

Gray Gives Training on Tribal Codes Related to Elder Abuse
Apr 5, 2019 -- Jacque Gray, PhD, provided training for Native American tribes on how to set up tribal codes related to elder abuse.