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The Center for Rural Health produces publications of several types, including maps and presentations.

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North Dakota Oral Health Report: Needs and Proposed Models, 2014 Executive Summary
Executive Summary for the full North Dakota Oral Health Report. Reviews the findings from the 2014 assessment of oral health in North Dakota.
Author(s): Schroeder, S., Jonk, Y., Schuller, K., Hall, K., Hart, G., & Gibbens, B.
Date: December 2014
Type: Report
Oral Health in Native American Elderly
The National Resource Center on Native American Aging has released a fact sheet using nationwide data from "Identifying our Needs: A Survey of Elders." Includes information on dental work needed and overall oral health indicators.
Project: National Resource Center on Native American Aging
Author(s): Hall, S., Stensland, P., Morin-Carter, P.
Date: August 2014
Type: Fact Sheet


North Dakota Dentists Survey Results from the Health Profession Tracking Program
Reports results from survey of North Dakota Dentists. Covers demographics, educational background, year of graduation, primary specialty, year began practicing, marketing the practice, hours worked in direct patient care, allocation of time, employment hours of dental hygienists, practice arrangement, retirement, recruitment, utilization of the North Dakota dental association website, patient profile, new patients by specialty, and Medicaid patient activity or Medicaid patient activity by rurality.
Author(s): Amundson, M., Moulton, P., Beyer, M., Kruger, G., Speaker, K., Zavalney, B., & Monley, K.
Date: March 2005
Type: Report