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The Center for Rural Health produces publications of several types, including maps and presentations.

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The 2014 Update of the Rural-Urban Chartbook
The Chartbook presents information on population demographics, health-related behaviors and risk factors, age-specific and cause-specific mortality, access to care, health insurance coverage, mental health, and other health-related topics for U.S. residents across levels of rural and urban status. The data presented in this new Chartbook were collected prior to implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), providing baseline measurements for key aspects of health from which to measure future ACA-associated changes. Individual data tables are available in an Excel file.
Project: Rural Health Reform Policy Research Center
Author(s): Meit, M., Knudson, A., Gilbert, T., Tzy-Chyi Yu, A., Tanenbaum, E., Ormson, E., TenBroeck, S., Bayne, A., Popat, S., & NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis
Date: October 2014
Type: Report
Around the World in Rural North Dakota
Center for Rural Health staff members have driven enough miles to nearly travel around the earth at the equator – all without leaving North Dakota. They are conducting Community Health Needs Assessments to help focus rural health efforts on identified needs.
Project: Community Health Needs Assessment
Author(s): Massmann, N.
Publication: Focus on Rural Health
Date: June 2014
Type: Article


Second Biennial Report: Health Issues for the State of North Dakota, 2013
Updates the first biennial report with an assessment of the current state of health of North Dakotans and their healthcare delivery system. Presents an analysis of the population demographic in North Dakota and discusses affordable healthcare costs now and in the future.
Author(s): UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences
Date: December 2013
Type: Report


An Environmental Scan of Health and Healthcare in North Dakota: Establishing the Baselines for Positive Health Transformation
The Environmental Scan of Health and Healthcare in North Dakota was conducted from December 2008 to February 2009. This report provides an overview of selected health and healthcare issues in North Dakota.
Author(s): Volkov, B., Gibbens, B., & Wakefield, M.
Date: March 2009
Type: Report