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Kay Miller Temple, MD
Web Writer

With a perspective gained from providing direct patient care for more than 30 years and a master's degree in journalism and mass communication, Kay Miller Temple writes for the Rural Health Information Hub at the Center for Rural Health within the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences in Grand Forks.


Most Recent Publications & Presentations

Rural Housing Solutions
Presented on May 11, 2022 at the National Rural Health Association Annual Rural Health Conference.
Project: Rural Health Information Hub
Author(s): Miller Temple, K., Reese, J., Reddy, A.
Date: May 2022
Type: Presentation
The Challenges of Providing Preventive Health Care in Rural America
This journal article examines the challenges of providing preventative healthcare in rural communities, where populations are older, sicker, and poorer, with less access to healthcare.
Project: Rural Health Information Hub
Author(s): Collett, D., Miller Temple, K., Wells, R.
Publication: Physician Assistant Clinics, 6(4)
Date: September 2021
Type: Journal Article
Rural Community Engagement: The Key to Getting New Science to the Rural End User
Presented on Jun 18, 2021 at the Dakota Cancer Collaborative on Translational Activity Annual Symposium, Virtual
Project: Rural Health Information Hub
Author(s): Miller Temple, K.
Date: June 2021
Type: Presentation
Challenges Faced by Rural Primary Care Providers When Caring for COPD Patients in the Western United States
This paper examines challenges faced by primary care providers when caring for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients in rural U.S.
Author(s): Diaz Del Valle, F., Koff, P., Min, S., Zakrajsek, J., Zittleman, L., Fernald, D., Nederveld, A., Nease, D., Hunter, A., Moody, E., Miller Temple, K., Niblock, J., Grund, C., Oser, T., Greiner, K.
Publication: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases
Date: May 2021
Type: Journal Article

Additional Publications

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