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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.

Makenzie Atherton, MPH
Content Development Coordinator

Makenzie M. M. Atherton serves as the content development coordinator, working on a federally funded national website supporting the response to the opioid crisis in rural areas and at the Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub) at the Center for Rural Health (CRH) at the University of North Dakota (UND) School of Medicine & Health Sciences in Grand Forks.


Most Recent Publications

  • An Interprofessional Programme to Culturally Sensitise Students to the Needs of Patients and Realities of Practice in Rural Areas
    The University of North Dakota programme, Students/residents Experiences And Rotations in Community Health (SEARCH), was implemented to address recruitment and retention problems and stereotypes associated with practicing in rural areas.
    Author(s): Schuller, K., Amundson, M., McPherson, M., Halaas, G.
    Publication: Journal of Interprofessional Care, 28, 1-3
    Date: February 2017
    Type: Journal Article
  • Process Flow Mapping for Systems Improvement: Lessons Learned
    The article details how to conduct process flow mapping for systems improvement. The method and its importance are explained in the context of evaluating a cardiac care system.
    Author(s): Renger, R., McPherson, M., Kontz-Bartels, T., Becker, K.
    Publication: The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 31(1)
    Date: July 2016
    Type: Journal Article
  • Indicators of Buy-in to Gauge Evaluation Success
    The article suggests a set of indicators of buy-in that novice evaluators can use to assess stakeholder engagement and responsiveness. It also showcases a tracking tool which serves as a systematic, responsive prompt to monitor buy-in.
    Author(s): Becker, K., Renger, R., McPherson, M.
    Publication: Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 15(2), 12-21
    Date: June 2015
    Type: Journal Article