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Native Americans

Native Americans have historically faced greater health disparities than almost any other population in the United States. The Center for Rural Health works with tribal communities to help improve health outcomes and wellbeing for American Indians.

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Our Expertise

Our Native American programs have a predominantly indigenous staff with expertise in Native geriatrics, elder abuse, mental health, suicide prevention, health disparities, community-based participatory research and tribal participatory research, resiliency, health and wellness. We have worked with 234 of the 560 federally recognized tribes.

Key Contact

Jacque Gray, PhD - Associate Director

Most Recent Publications

  • Native Aging Visions, Summer 2017
    Newsletter developed by the National Resource Center on Native American Aging.
    Author(s): National Resource Center on Native American Aging
    Date: July 2017
    Type: Newsletter
  • Aging in Place
    A new initiative is building capacity for Native American elders to live at home longer. The Native Aging in Place Project (NAPP) provides resources and training for caregivers to help their family members stay in their homes as they age.
    Author(s): Massmann, N.
    Publication: North Dakota Medicine, 42(1), 20-21
    Date: March 2017
    Type: Magazine
  • American Indian and Alaska Native Health
    Policy paper identifying and discussing the adverse health conditions affecting the health status of American Indian and Alaska Native populations, and offers policy recommendations to address these issues.
    Author(s): Frizzell, L., Spencer, K.
    Date: February 2016
    Type: Other
  • American Indian Health Research Conference
    North Dakota Medicine, Volume 40, Issue 4. The annual AIHRC provides a forum for culturally appropriate research.
    Author(s): Massmann, N.
    Date: December 2015
    Type: Magazine
  • Assessment of Anxiety Among Northern Plains Indians
    Article examines the reliability and validity of the Beck Anxiety Inventory by comparing scores among three different diagnostic categories.
    Author(s): Gray, J., McCullagh, J., Petros, T.
    Publication: American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
    Date: November 2015
    Type: Journal Article

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