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Publications & Maps

  • North Dakota Critical Access Hospital Quality Network Evaluation Executive Summary
    Presents a summary of the North Dakota CAH Quality Network's evaluation, activities, and accomplishments from 2008-2010.
    Author(s): Gibbens, B.
    Date: December 2010
    Type: Report
  • Geographic Differences in Potentially Preventable Readmission Rates in Rural and Urban Hospitals
    Presents a study that estimated Potentially Preventable Hospital Readmissions (PPRs) in three types of acute care hospitals: urban prospective payment system (PPS) hospitals, rural PPS hospitals, and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs).
    Author(s): Klug, M., Knudson, A., & Muus, K.
    Date: November 2010
    Type: Policy Brief
  • North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Year Nine Facility Survey Results
    Includes the results from the facility survey, currently in its ninth year, which was sent to all hospitals, long-term care facilities, regional public health facilities, clinics, and home health facilities in North Dakota.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., & Johnson, S.
    Date: September 2010
    Type: Report
  • Utilization of Technology by Nursing Programs in North Dakota
    Presents a picture of the use of technology in nursing education in North Dakota, including student and faculty readiness, clinical training technologies, and distance learning.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., & Lang, T.
    Date: September 2010
    Type: Report
  • Effect of Post-Discharge Follow-Up Care on Re-Admissions Among U.S. Veterans with Congestive Heart Failure: A Rural-Urban Comparison
    This study examined socio-demographics of US veterans with CHF who had 30 day potentially preventable re-admissions and compare the effect of 30 day VA post-discharge service use on these re-admissions for rural- and urban-dwelling veterans.
    Author(s): Muus, K., Knudson, A., Klug, M., Gokun, J., Sarrazin, M., & Kaboli, P.
    Publication: Journal of Rural and Remote Health, 10(2)
    Date: June 2010
    Type: Journal Article
  • Congestive Heart Failure
    The study examined congestive health failure among American Indian and Alaska Native elders. Covers the prevalence of CHF among American Indian/Alaska Native elders, assessing gender and age patterns of CHF prevalence, determining other disorder that are commonly found among American Indian/Alaska Native elders with CHF, and examining the relationship between CHF, physical activity, and body mass index.
    Author(s): Muus, K.
    Date: February 2010
    Type: Fact Sheet
  • Small Hospital Improvement Program Progress Report: Fiscal Year 2008–2009
    Author(s): Miller, M.
    Date: January 2010
    Type: Report
  • Circles of Strength: A Case Description of Culturally Integrated Suicide Prevention
    This article presents a case description of an American Indian female at high risk for suicide in effort to document the potential effectiveness of a college student suicide prevention program designed for Northern Plains American Indian students.
    Author(s): Gray, J.S., & Muehlenkamp, J.J.
    Publication: Archives of Suicide Research, 14, 182-191
    Date: 2010
    Type: Journal Article
  • Guest Commentaries Weigh in on Healthcare Reform
    Brad Gibbens, Interim Co-Director, had a commentary on the implications of health reform on rural North Dakota printed in the North Dakota Farmers Union magazine. The commentary looks at critical rural health issues such as health workforce, rural facility survivability, and the need for flexibility and innovation in rural health.
    Author(s): Gibbens, B.
    Date: August 2009
    Type: Other
  • Potentially Preventable Readmissions in Rural Hospitals
    Examines potentially preventable readmission rates for rural and urban hospitals, and discusses the rural implications of policy initiatives to reduce readmission rates.
    Author(s): Klug, M., Muus, K., Casey, M., Moscovice, I.
    Date: August 2009
    Type: Policy Brief