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  • National Family Caregiver Support Program: North Dakota's American Indian Caregivers
    This report contains the American Indian Caregivers from five reservations in North Dakota as part of the National Family Caregivers Support Program. The report parallels data collected on the general population and uses the statewide survey as a benchmark.
    Author(s): Ludtke, R., & McDonald, L.
    Date: June 2003
    Type: Report
  • North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Faculty Survey Results
    Reports on a survey of nursing faculty in North Dakota. Includes demographics, employment, retirement, job satisfaction, student job market, program capacity, nursing shortage solutions, and faculty shortage solutions.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., Christman, S., Dannewitz, H., & Wakefield, M.K.
    Date: June 2003
    Type: Report
  • North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Licensed Nurse Survey Results
    Reports licensed nurse survey results including the topics of demographic statistics, education, primary and secondary employment settings, retirement plans, job satisfaction, nursing supply, and nursing shortage solutions.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., Christman, S., Dannewitz, H., Park, R., & Wakefield, M.K.
    Date: May 2003
    Type: Report
  • North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Facility Survey Results
    Reports on a survey of registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in hospitals and long-term care facilities in North Dakota. Covers scheduling, nurses participation in decision making, tuition reimbursement, recruitment issues, exit interviews, clinical education, staffing issues, vacancy rates, effect of vacancies, and suggestions of facility administrators for alleviating shortages.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., Park, R., Muus, K., Wakefield, M.K., & Henderson, T.
    Date: April 2003
    Type: Report
  • North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Student Focus Group Results
    Reports results from a survey of student focus groups. Covers demographic statistics, academic and program statistics, employment and education plans, nursing shortage solutions and discussion results.
    Author(s): Moulton, P.
    Date: April 2003
    Type: Report
  • Zinc Fortification and Cognitive and Psychosocial Function in Young Adolescents
    This study investigated the effects of zinc fortification on these functions in young adolescents. Previous studies have related zinc nutrition to motor, cognitive and psychosocial function in very young children and adults, but there have been no studies of older children.
    Author(s): Penland, J.G., Lukaski, H.C., & Gray, J.S.
    Publication: The FASEB Journal, 17(5), A1087
    Date: March 2003
    Type: Journal Article
  • North Dakota Nursing Workforce Study
    Fact sheet on the results of a nursing workforce needs study. Includes statistics on hospital and long-term care demand for RNs and LPNs, recruitment issues, and more. Covers both rural and urban areas.
    Author(s): Moulton, P.
    Date: January 2003
    Type: Policy Brief
  • Characteristics of North Dakota's Nursing Workforce: A Status Report
    This report includes North Dakota's current nursing supply and demand, projection of supply and demand and strategies for the nursing shortage.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., & Wakefield, M.
    Date: 2003
    Type: Report
  • Collaborative Activities with Community Health Representatives from Northern Plains Tribes
    Author(s): Burd, C., & Tyree, E.
    Publication: Rural Nurse Connection,(Spring)
    Date: 2003
    Type: Report
  • Difficulty in Providing Care Among Informal Caregivers
    Examines characteristics of informal caregivers who experience difficulties when providing care to Native American elders.
    Author(s): McDonald, L., & Ludtke, R.
    Date: 2003
    Type: Fact Sheet
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