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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.

Disease and Injury

The Center for Rural Health supports rural communities in addressing chronic disease and injury by:

  • Researching levels of injury and chronic disease burden in North Dakota.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of chronic disease management and support services.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles in rural communities as a means to avoiding chronic disease and injury.
  • Assisting communities and facilities in planning and implementing clinical prevention and coordination services.

Key Contact

Rebecca Quinn, MSW, LMSW
Program Director

Most Recent Publications

  • Rural Health Research RECAP: Rural Ethnic/Racial Disparities: Adverse Health Outcomes
    Rural minority group populations often experience dual disparities in health. This recap summarizes adverse health outcomes across these populations including premature death, age-adjusted mortality, disability status, and obesity rates.
    Project: Rural Health Research Gateway
    Author(s): Ostmo, P.
    Date: November 2020
    Type: Fact Sheet
  • Rural Health Research RECAP: Rural Ethnic/Racial Disparities: Social and Systemic Inequities
    This resource examines social and systemic inequities that influence disparities in health among minority group populations. Rural non-White populations experience both residence-based and racial/ethnicity-based health disparities.
    Project: Rural Health Research Gateway
    Author(s): Ostmo, P.
    Date: November 2020
    Type: Fact Sheet
  • CRH Continues Its Mission During COVID-19
    Center for Rural Health (CRH) staff help rural communities, healthcare facilities, and others navigate through COVID-19.
    Projects: Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative, National Resource Center on Native American Aging, North Dakota Brain Injury Network, Primary Care Office, Project ECHO, Rural Health Information Hub, Rural Health Research Gateway, Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program
    Author(s): Haugen, B.
    Publication: Focus on Rural Health
    Date: July 2020
    Type: Article
  • Wac'inyeya: Hope Among American Indian Youth
    This article looks at what gives American Indian youth hope. The project included 56 rural tribal youth in focus groups across a Northern Plains reservation.
    Author(s): Gray, J., Schrader, L., Isaacs, D., Smith, M., Bender, N.
    Publication: American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research, 26(2), 151-171
    Date: September 2019
    Type: Journal Article
  • Rural Health Research RECAP: Rural Communities: Age, Income, and Health Status
    While studies discuss the implications of income or age on health-seeking behavior, health status, access, or utilization of care, it is imperative to recognize what this means for older and lower-income rural communities. This recap identifies rural disparities in age, health status, and income.
    Project: Rural Health Research Gateway
    Author(s): Schroeder, S.
    Date: November 2018
    Type: Fact Sheet

Most Recent Presentations