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North Dakota Brain Injury Network (NDBIN)

NDBIN logo The North Dakota Brain Injury Network provides information and support to individuals with brain injury and their family members. Our resource facilitators assist with navigating the service system and provide technical assistance in finding the right resources for each individual. We offer outreach and education to increase public awareness of traumatic brain injury, as well as peer support by connecting people with others who have experienced a brain injury.

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Most Recent Publications

  • Mind Matters
    North Dakota is home to the unique annual Mind Matters Conference on brain injury that brings together both healthcare professionals and patients.
    Author(s): Massmann, N.
    Publication: North Dakota Medicine, 41(2), 20-21
    Date: July 2016
    Type: Magazine
  • The North Dakota Brain Injury Network
    North Dakota Medicine, Vol. 39, Issue 1. The NDBIN at the Center for Rural Health is designed to address the diverse needs of individuals with traumatic brain injuries.
    Author(s): Massmann, N.
    Date: March 2014
    Type: Magazine
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