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Working With Communities

The Center for Rural Health works with rural and tribal communities to build responsive and sustainable health systems and strong rural health organizations. We help communities:

  • engage their community members  
  • build collaborative and cooperative relationships across organizations and communities
  • develop their local healthcare capacity and workforce
  • promote healthy communities and lifestyles
  • evaluate current programs and develop new ones
  • learn about and implement innovative strategies

The CRH works with many types of health organizations including:

  • hospitals
  • public health units
  • nursing homes
  • clinics
  • ambulance units
  • community health coalitions and networks

What We Can Do for You

In the area of working with communities, we offer:

Our Expertise

The Center for Rural Health was created in 1980 to have a primary mission of providing service and assistance to rural communities in the development of stronger, more viable health systems and to improve the health status in rural North Dakota. We have over 30 years of experience in working directly with rural communities to help them to identify and develop community-based solutions to their local health issues and to advocate for rural concerns. We have conducted numerous community engagement efforts including strategic planning, network development, grant development, community needs assessments, and other assistance focused on building local capacity. The Center for Rural Health believes in the power of the rural community and its members to articulate and construct their own vision for community health.

Key Contact

Brad Gibbens, MPA - Deputy Director

Most Recent Publications

  • Targeted Rural Health Education
    Targeted Rural Health Education (TRHE) is a project where health profession students who are living and learning in rural communities explore a local health need and write an educational article that addresses the issue for the community.
    Author(s): Kusler, S.
    Publication: North Dakota Medicine, 42(3), 18-19
    Date: September 2017
    Type: Magazine
  • Fourth Biennial Report: Health Issues for the State of North Dakota, 2017
    Now in its fourth edition, the Report is a detailed look at the status of health, healthcare delivery, and the healthcare workforce across the state. It is the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of these issues available anywhere, and is the result of a collaborative effort of the Center for Rural Health, the School, and the School’s Advisory Council.
    Author(s): UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences
    Date: December 2016
    Type: Report
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota “Official Sponsor of Recess” Rural Grant Program, Year 10
    Describes wellness programs funded to rural North Dakota communities through the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Rural Grant Program.
    Author(s): Nissen, K., and Reiten, J.
    Date: February 2016
    Type: Report
  • American Indian Health Research Conference
    North Dakota Medicine, Volume 40, Issue 4. The annual AIHRC provides a forum for culturally appropriate research.
    Author(s): Massmann, N.
    Date: December 2015
    Type: Magazine
  • Community Engagement Toolkit
    This toolkit is designed to assist groups and individuals throughout North Dakota in engaging their community to make a difference through a collaborative process.
    Author(s): Knauf, T.
    Date: March 2015
    Type: Resource

Most Recent Presentations

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