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Hospitals and Facilities

Strengthening and sustaining rural healthcare infrastructure means access to quality healthcare for rural North Dakota residents. We work with rural hospitals, facilities, and others interested in rural healthcare to:

  • Provide rural facilities opportunities to maintain and improve the care they give
  • Support current healthcare systems, allowing them to flourish
  • Distribute various grants to sustain health systems

What We Can Do for You

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Our Expertise

We initiated and currently support the North Dakota CAH Quality Network, which is a resource for CAHs to share best practices and quality initiatives. We also work with both rural and urban hospitals to coordinate meetings and continuing education opportunities. Our staff are invited to present, at the state and national level, on the collaborative efforts related to quality and patient safety taking place in rural North Dakota. They also serve on a variety of committees related to EMS, HIT, quality improvement and other topics related to rural healthcare.

Key Contacts

Current Projects