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Rural Health Clinic Network

ND RHC Network The North Dakota Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Network was formed in 2021 to provide a platform for North Dakota RHCs. Participants will receive support for Conditions for Certification (CfC), quality and performance improvement, and to improve communication and collaboration among healthcare providers to best serve the rural health organization and its communities.

Mission Statement

Support North Dakota RHCs through networking, education, and policy efforts.


  • Assist RHCs to meet CfC for compliance
  • Allow access to an online virtual library of resources and network webpage
  • Provide RHC-focused educational opportunities
  • Offer a platform for shared learning across North Dakota RHCs


  • Central coordination/liaison working on behalf of RHCs with stakeholders
  • Direct technical assistance for RHCs to improve healthcare
  • Assistance for RHCs with identification of top statewide needs
  • Access to timely information that is applicable to RHCs
  • RHC-focused educational opportunities


The North Dakota Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) Program is a federally funded Health Resources and Services Administration grant that provides for the creation of rural health networks, promotes regionalization of rural health services, and improves access to hospital and other services for rural residents.


Anna Walter, Project Coordinator
(701) 213-5336