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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.


Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, no matter your address or the size of your primary healthcare facility. The Center for Rural Health leverages resources to sustain and enhance the quality healthcare provided by North Dakota's rural hospitals and clinics by:

  • Coordinating statewide efforts for critical access hospitals to share best practices, tools, and resources related to providing quality care.
  • Facilitating the distribution of grants to rural communities to improve programs, equipment, and overall care.
  • Collecting data for healthcare facilities to benchmark work and improve practices, resulting in even better care for rural North Dakotans.

For more information on the importance of quality healthcare nationwide, see the Healthcare Quality page on the Center for Rural Health's Rural Health Information Hub website.

Key Contact

Jody Ward, MS, RN, APHN - Senior Project Coordinator

Most Recent Publications

  • Reworks: A Robust System Efficiency Measure
    This article reports on the inaugural Australian-American system evaluation summit convened in Wyoming, focusing on the application of system evaluation theory.
    Author(s): Renger, R., Keogh, B., Hawkins, A., Foltysova, J., Souvannasacd, E.
    Publication: Evaluation Journal of Australasia
    Date: September 2018
    Type: Journal Article
  • A Medical Journalist Insider
    Dr. Kay Miller Temple is a medical writer for Rural Health Information Hub. She is also a physician with over 30 years of experience. That, coupled with her rural upbringing, helps her research and write articles with a unique perspective on complex rural health issues.
    Author(s): Leier, M.
    Date: May 2018
    Type: Other
  • Defining Systems to Evaluate System Efficiency and Effectiveness
    Article focuses on the application of systems thinking, systems theory and systems evaluation theory (SET) in evaluating of modern day systems efficiency and effectiveness.
    Author(s): Renger, R., Foltysova, J., Renger, J., Booze, W.
    Publication: Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 17(3), 4-13
    Date: August 2017
    Type: Journal Article