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Area Health Education Center Program

The North Dakota Area Health Education Center (AHEC) includes a state-wide plan to incrementally develop two regional AHECs: eastern and western. Both locations provide a variety of opportunities in rural health clinics, community health centers, and Indian Health Service. Additionally, each region is home to at least one university and/or college. Over time, avenues for their direct and formal involvement with the AHEC will be developed. Activities will be developed for kindergarten through health professional students, educational programs, and recruitment and retention of healthcare providers. The program is initially designed to provide educational and clinical opportunities for students in medicine and nursing at the college and graduate level.


The purpose of the AHEC is to improve the distribution, diversity, supply and quality of healthcare personnel in the healthcare services delivery system.


AHEC's mission is to enhance access to quality primary care and public health in rural and underserved areas, by improving the supply and distribution of healthcare professionals through community/academic partnerships.


The North Dakota AHEC operates through a formal partnership with the: