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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.

Health Workforce

The Center for Rural Health assists rural areas in meeting their health workforce needs. Using state and federal resources, we:

  • Educate North Dakota students about rural health careers
  • Research workforce issues at the state and national level
  • Provide assistance in matching healthcare professionals and rural communities

What We Can Do for You

In the area of health workforce, we offer:

Hospital Workforce Survey

Key Contacts

Most Recent Publications

  • Rural Health Research RECAP: Rural Ethnic/Racial Disparities: Adverse Health Outcomes
    Rural minority group populations often experience dual disparities in health. This recap summarizes adverse health outcomes across these populations including premature death, age-adjusted mortality, disability status, and obesity rates.
    Project: Rural Health Research Gateway
    Author(s): Ostmo, P.
    Date: November 2020
    Type: Fact Sheet
  • Rural Health Research RECAP: Rural Ethnic/Racial Disparities: Social and Systemic Inequities
    This resource examines social and systemic inequities that influence disparities in health among minority group populations. Rural non-White populations experience both residence-based and racial/ethnicity-based health disparities.
    Project: Rural Health Research Gateway
    Author(s): Ostmo, P.
    Date: November 2020
    Type: Fact Sheet
  • Student Connectivity in Online Programs: Role of the Nurse Faculty
    This study explored the level of connectivity among online nurse practitioner students. The results indicate that nursing faculty must develop high-quality online learning environments with strong teaching methods. Universities should offer professional mentorship to transition nurse clinicians into successful online nurse educators.
    Author(s): Schroeder, S., Shogren, M., Terras, K.
    Publication: The Journal for Nurse Practitioners
    Date: November 2020
    Type: Journal Article
  • Strengthening Resilience: Promoting Positive School Mental Health Among Indigenous Youth
    The purpose of this toolkit is to provide tools for k-12 educators, administrators, and mental health treatment providers to better address the learning and behavioral health needs of Indigenous youth in a holistic manner.
    Project: Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center
    Author(s): Schroeder, S., Heitkamp, T., Fox, L., Nielsen, S.
    Date: October 2020
    Type: Report
  • Brief: Evaluation of Medical-Dental Integration at the University of North Dakota Center for Family Medicine
    A brief review on the evaluation of the medical-dental integration program implemented by the North Dakota Department of Health Oral Health Program. The brief also offers a summary and recommendations for future medical-dental integration in North Dakota.
    Project: Oral Health Research and Evaluation
    Author(s): Schroeder, S., Knutson, S.
    Date: September 2020
    Type: Policy Brief

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