Stacy Kusler, BA
Workforce Specialist

As the Workforce Specialist, Stacy is the connection between rural healthcare facilities in North Dakota and qualified health professional job seekers. She assists rural facilities to attract medical providers and other health professionals to their communities by sharing job opportunities. Through her position, Stacy is working to reduce the healthcare workforce shortages throughout the state.


Most Recent Publications

  • A Wider Lens
    Statewide Community Showcases give medical students and residents the chance to connect with North Dakota healthcare facilities in hopes to improve workforce recruitment and retention.
    Author(s): Kusler, S.
    Publication: North Dakota Medicine, 42(2), 26-27
    Date: June 2017
    Type: Magazine
  • Recruitment Evolution
    Rural areas in North Dakota have unique challenges in the changing landscape of provider recruitment. In an industry of constant change, a few North Dakota facilities were asked to share how they are adapting and still finding providers.
    Author(s): Kusler, S.
    Publication: North Dakota Medicine, 42(1), 18-19
    Date: April 2017
    Type: Magazine
  • A Recipe for Success
    Students at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences form an interest group for rural-focused students.
    Author(s): Kusler, S.
    Publication: North Dakota Medicine, 41(4), 18-19
    Date: December 2016
    Type: Magazine
  • Community Showcases Welcome Future Physicians
    New physician recruitment events showcase rural North Dakota communities and healthcare facilities to the future healthcare workforce.
    Author(s): Kusler, S.
    Publication: North Dakota Medicine, 41(2), 18-19
    Date: July 2016
    Type: Magazine
  • It Takes a Village
    North Dakota Medicine, Volume 40, Issue 4. The community of Wishek, North Dakota works together to recruit medical providers to the area.
    Author(s): Kusler, S.
    Date: December 2015
    Type: Magazine