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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.

Educational Resources for Loan

Request a Teaching Tool

The Center for Rural Health has a number of healthcare professions educational items for loan, and we encourage their use. Our goal is to provide tools to encourage the interactive learning and grow student's interest in healthcare professions. Upon completion of using an educational resource, we ask that you please complete an evaluation. These resources are available for North Dakota facilities/organizations only.

Featured Resource: Giant Inflatable Colon Temporarily Unavailable

How Big is the Colon?

Dimensions: H: 10' L: 32' W: 12'

Weight: Approximately 250 pounds with blower.

Hauling: You will need a pickup, trailer, SUV, or large vehicle with a hatchback (colon will not fit through a regular car/pickup door)

Giant Inflatable Colon Setup & Take Down Video

What's in the Colon?

Normal Colon


Colon Cancer


Malignant Polyp

Advanced Colon Cancer


  • There is no charge for this service, however, the borrower is responsible for any shipping cost to return the materials, as well as the cost to repair or replace damaged or lost items.
  • Items are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Items are only available for short-term use. Items must be returned by the due date assigned or a late fee of $10 per week will be charged. If the item is not returned within 1 month after the due date, you will be billed the cost to replace the item.
  • Please package items well and consider insuring them. If items are returned damaged, you may be charged for the cost to repair or replace damaged items.


Brittany Dryburgh
Project Coordinator
(701) 777-8002