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Educational Items for Loan

The Center for Rural Health (CRH) has a number of healthcare professions educational items for loan, and we encourage their use. Our goal is to provide tools to encourage the interactive learning and grow student's interest in healthcare professions. These items are available for North Dakota facilities/organizations only.

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View the items available for loan, review terms of the loan, request the item(s), and then complete an evaluation when returning so we can continue to improve our loan resources.

Available Items

In-A-Box – The In-A-Box program provides current health and science activities that coordinate with North Dakota curriculum standards, to students in grades 4-12, to inspire them about the possibilities of a career in healthcare. Topics include: bones and muscles, the brain, dentistry, ears, eyes, guts, and nutrition. View all our In-A-Box resources.

A Closer Look At Nutrition DVD Series – An in-depth DVD series with five discs: Carbohydrates; Vitamins, Minerals, and Water; Proteins and Amino Acids; Fats and Lipids; and Metabolism and Energy. Grates: 6+

Anatomical Phlebotomy Simulation Arm – A simulation arm with anatomically accurate veins that are palpable and partially visible. A great tool for realistic venipuncture practice that feels like a treating a live patient. The realistic touch & feel of the phlebotomy training arm make it perfect for phlebotomy instruction & student practice. Get a real hands-on learning experience with the simulation arm.

Bag of Bones – A great way to teach anatomy, this child-size embroidered skeleton has 20 realistic bones that attach to a fabric background with Velcro. Students can identify and label the different bones. Includes a reference sheet. Grades: 1-5

Body Fat Analyzer – Handheld unit displays body fat percentage and body mass index in seconds. Grades: 5+

Can You Smell What I Am? Fruits & Vegetables Scratch and Sniff Cards – Kids enjoy the challenge of scratch, sniff, and learn. This set includes 15 fruit cards and 12 vegetable cards. Each card features a different, long-lasting scratch-and-sniff scent, hints to help kids identify the fruit or vegetable, a fun fact, and a healthy message. Grades: Pre-K+

Dentistry Specific Items, Grades: K-12 (View printable listing of dental activity items)

  • Clear Human Jaw Model – A life-sized typodont that allows viewing of anatomical roots.
  • Dental Simulator Mannequin Head Kit – Put the student in a hands-on experience as a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant. The mannequin has a fixed adult typodont inside the flexible jaw. It can be fixed on the desk, but the head and neck are flexible. Accessories included in this kit are a mannequin head, MouthWatch Intraoral Camera, dental instrument kit (mirror and explorer), and floss. When the student is using the intraoral camera, they will get the experience of working in small and dark spaces and mirror images.
  • Full Mouth Primary and Adult Dentition Model Kit – This set of models is great for showing the transition from primary to permanent teeth or used for the practice and demonstration for students learning hygiene, assisting and dentistry studies. Both model's teeth can be flossed.
  • Oral Health Hygiene Kit – This kit is a great combination when focusing on oral hygiene instructions and side effects. It is perfectly complemented with the water bottle toothbrush kits. This kit includes disclosing agent tablets, large adult full mouth model, large toothbrush, and The Grossest, Truly Terrifying, But Utterly Awesome Mouth Book.
  • Pathological Gingivitis Model – A life-sized typodont of an upper and lower arch with 32 anatomical, removable teeth. Model illustrates various stages of gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • Tooth Model and Sample X-Rays Kit – This tooth model shows the anatomy of a healthy tooth on one side while the other side shows a carious lesion. Includes 15 real x-rays that show primary and permanent teeth, unhealthy teeth, mouth injuries, and more.
  • Water Bottle Toothbrush Kit – Water bottle toothbrush kits are a great for the students to leave with! The water bottles have dental hygiene phrases written on them and you have an option to include a toothbrush, Crest kids or adult toothpaste, and floss. Note: Connect with CRH for number and type of supplies needed.

Escapades Game – Packaged in an easy-to-use box, each game comes on an individual card and, when appropriate, an illustration of the game being played is on the back of the card. The games are coded by category and energy level making it easy for the facilitator to focus in on a topic and present a game with either a high, low, or medium level of energy to be used. Grades: K-12

Examine the Facts Tear Pad – Fun tear pad looking at how to read nutrition labels and compose a healthy shopping list based on the MyPlate initiative. Grades 6+

Fat Finders – Many people think that watching the fat in their diets is limited to avoiding fried foods and added fats such as butter, but can you guess the number of fat grams hiding in these 12 ordinary foods? Grades: 4+

Fitness Dice – A set of plush dice – one with light exercises on each side (toe touch, push-ups, etc.), and one with numbers on each side. Roll both dice together to get an exercise and how many to do! Grades: Pre-K+

Fitness Scholastics Game –This game was designed as a teaching tool to highlight all four fitness components – cardiorespiratory (aerobic) endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility. It was meant to coincide as a motivational supplement to your instruction on health and fitness. Grades: 1-8  

Fun Foods Bingo – A picture bingo game featuring everything from fruits to veggies to pretzels! Comes with 35 double-sided bingo cards, calling cards, dots to mark spaces, and instructions to download a free bingo caller app. Grades: Pre-K+

Get Wise to Portion Size DVD – A DVD with short video segments and an interview with a registered dietitian explaining the issue with portion sizes. Videos focus on Portion Distortion, Why Portion Size Matters, Portion Tips for Eating Out, and Portion Tips for Eating at Home. Grades 6+

Glo Germ with Light – Glo Germ is an effective tool to demonstrate hand washing, surface cleaning, hygiene, and containment techniques. Grades: Pre-K+

Half-Size Mini Torso – A miniature, half-size torso on base. The torso can be dissected into 12 parts. The model was molded from actual human organs to provide accurate and precise detail. Size: 7" L x 7" W x 21" H. Grades: 5+

Handy Portions Tear Pad – A tear pad to teach kid about portion sizes. Grades: 4+

Jobs in Food and Nutrition DVD – A 30-minute video focusing on the professions that produce, prepare, develop, and evaluate food to ensure nutrition. Grades: 6+

Jump Ropes – Speed, durability, and flexibility all in one rope. Grades: Pre-K+

Mental and Emotional Health Learning Module – The learning modules are designed to incorporate hands-on models with activities that encourage students to learn and achieve at high levels as they grow in ways that lead them to be healthy, responsible, and productive citizens. In addition to manipulatives, it offers activities, assessments, technology extensions utilizing the Internet, and optional challenge activities. Grades: 6+

Mr. Gross Mouth – This model shows the dangerous and gross consequences of smoking cigarettes and using smokeless tobacco, including "hairy tongue," leukoplakia, tongue cancer, gum disease, tooth decay, and lip cancer. This giant model includes a 4" wide cancerous tongue made of realistic BIOLIKE™ material and a jar of tobacco to make tobacco juice. Mounted on a wooden base. Grades: 5+

MyPlate Tear Pad – A tear pad introduction to MyPlate. Focuses on healthy food groups and tips to make every plate a great one! Grades: 5+

MyPlate Trivia – A fun, interactive trivia to teach kids about the importance of a well-rounded diet. Comes with a PowerPoint presentation and leader's guide. Grades 5+

Nutrition DVD Superpack – A pack of DVDs with 8 modules – each is a topic-based video with a digital workbook that contains teacher's guides, classroom notes, quizzes, games, and graphic organizers. Modules include: Intro to Cells and Macronutrients; What Your Body Does With Food; Food Spectrum; Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals, and Water; Preventing Nutritional Disorders; Eating in Context; Where Does Your Food Come From?; and The Savvy Eater. Grades 6+

Nutrition InQuiza Quest – A Jeopardy-style nutrition quiz game that can be played in up to 6 teams. Categories focus on Nutrition Knowledge, Food Groups, Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition Related Illnesses, Nutrients, and Minerals. Comes on a DVD disc. Grades: 5+

Occluded Artery – Demonstrating the benefits of a healthy cholesterol level and the deadly effects of high cholesterol, this model will leave an impression that lectures and textbooks cannot. The model's two tubes represent a normal artery constricted by plaque. When the model is turned over, the blood in the healthy artery flows swiftly to the top, while the blood in the occluded artery slows and even stops completely. Grades: 5+

Outbreak at Watersedge CD – A computer game about public health. Help discover the source of the outbreak that has hit the small community of Watersedge and stop it before the residents get sick. If you are interested in an online version of the game, it's free but you must register. Grades: 6+

Sneezy Sam – Ah ... ah ... ah-CHOO!! When Sam "sneezes" he sends everyone scrambling. This delightfully disgusting display teaches viewers that a sneeze can travel farther than they think, propelling an invisible cloud of germ-infested water droplets into the air. A quick squeeze on the concealed bulb behind Sam's head sends a blast of harmless water spraying out of his "mouth" reminding damp bystanders to cover their sneezes. Grades: Pre-K+

Skeleton – A life-sized replica of the human skeleton that comes in separate pieces so each bone can be picked up and examined – a great visual anatomy lesson. Grades: 5+

Venipuncture Course and Training Kit – A basic course in phlebotomy and IV techniques that includes real medical instruments to practice phlebotomy, setting up an IV-line, and related skills. Follow along through detailed video clips and use the instruments included in the trainer kit to practice phlebotomy. Master setting up an IV-line, basic injection techniques, properly collecting samples for laboratory testing, drawing blood, injecting local anesthetics, and much more.

Terms of Loan

  • There is no charge for this service, however, the borrower is responsible for any shipping cost to return the materials, as well as the cost to repair or replace damaged or lost items.
  • Items are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Items are only available for short-term use. Items must be returned by the due date assigned or a late fee of $10 per week will be charged. If the item is not returned within 1 month after the due date, you will be billed the cost to replace the item.
  • Please package items well and consider insuring them. If items are returned damaged, you may be charged for the cost to repair or replace damaged items.


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