Communities that Share the Same Need

A resource for communities interested in networking with others who are addressing similar issues, based on findings from their Community Health Needs Assessments.

Unless otherwise noted, all communities listed picked the related issue as a top need for the 2011-2013 period.

Access to Needed Equipment/Facility Update

Aging Population Services

Attracting and Retaining Young Families

New category in 2014-2016


Chronic Disease Management

Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Respiratory

Cost and Adequacy of Health Insurance

New category in 2014-2016

Emphasis on Wellness/Education & Prevention

Excessive Drinking

Healthcare Workforce Shortage

Physicians, visiting specialists, healthcare professionals

Higher Costs of Healthcare for Consumers

Lack of Affordable Housing

Lack of Daycare

Maintaining EMS

Marketing & Promotion of Hospital Services

Mental Health

Not Enough Jobs with Livable Wages

New category in 2014-2016

Obesity & Physical Inactivity

Sexually Transmitted Infections/Spreadable Diseases

New category in 2014-2016

Substance Use/Abuse

Traffic Safety