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  • North Dakota Facts
    There are many opportunities for North Dakotans to make healthier choices. This fact sheet provides an overview of North Dakotans' health risk behaviors.
    Author(s): Knudson, A.
    Date: 2006
    Type: Fact Sheet
  • North Dakota Health Professions: Nursing Demand
    Overviews the nursing demand in North Dakota, with information on RN and LPN vacancy rates and turnover by county.
    Author(s): Moulton, P.
    Date: 2006
    Type: Fact Sheet
  • Use of Technology in North Dakota Nursing Education Programs
    The Center for Rural Health at the University of North Dakota conducted a statewide assessment of technology use across the nursing programs in the state as part of the North Dakota Nursing Needs Study.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., & King, B.
    Date: 2006
    Type: Journal Article
  • Pharmacist Staffing and the Use of Technology in Small Rural Hospitals: Implications for Medication Safety
    Assesses the capacity of rural hospitals to implement medication safety practices. Found that many small rural hospitals have limited hours of on site pharmacist coverage.
    Author(s): Casey, M., Moscovice, I., & Davidson, G.
    Date: December 2005
    Type: Report
  • Findings from the North Dakota Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury Needs and Resources
    Through the North Dakota Department of Health's federally-funded TBI Planning grant, Center for Rural Health researchers and project staff conducted an assessment of needs and resources for persons with TBI and their families in the state. The findings of the assessment are discussed in this report.
    Author(s): Muus, K., Offutt, S., Cogan, M., Medalen, R., & Haugen, E.
    Date: November 2005
    Type: Report
  • Prevalence of Chronic Disease Among American Indian and Alaska Native Elders
    Provides information regarding the prevalence of chronic disease among American Indian and Alaska Native elders. Covers demographics, rurality and chronic disease, gender and chronic disease, age and chronic disease, and results of logistic regression and odds ratios.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., McDonald, L., Muus, K., Knudson, A., Wakefield, M., & Ludtke, R.
    Date: October 2005
    Type: Report
  • Suicide in North Dakota: A Dialogue Across State and Tribal Boundaries
    Discusses factors associated with suicide, suicide trends in North Dakota, and prevention strategies.
    Author(s): Kruger, G., & Gray, J.
    Date: October 2005
    Type: Policy Brief
  • North Dakota Nursing Programs Use of Technology: A Statewide Assessment
    Reports results from a statewide assessment of the use of technology within North Dakota nursing programs. Covers distance learning synchronous or asynchronous, clinical training technologies, level of technology utilization, and faculty and student readiness.
    Author(s): Moulton, P. & King, B.
    Date: August 2005
    Type: Report
  • Policy Recommendations for Native Elders
    Prepared for the National Congress of American Indians 2005 Mid-year Conference held in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
    Author(s): Ludtke, R., & McDonald, L.
    Date: June 2005
    Type: Report
  • Healthcare Facility Survey Results: 2005
    Reports on a survey of registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in hospitals and long-term care facilities in North Dakota. Covers recruitment issues, nurse representation, salary issues, vacancy and turnover rates, RN replacement costs, and technology.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., & Speaker, K.
    Date: May 2005
    Type: Report