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Publications & Maps

  • Healthy Traditions: Recipes of our Ancestors
    A compilation of recipes gathered through the National Resource Center on Native American Aging's traditional recipe project.
    Author(s): Goodwin, J., & Hall, J.
    Date: November 2004
    Type: Resource
  • The Indian Healthcare Improvement Act: Implications for North Dakota Tribes
    Policy brief providing an overview of healthcare issues facing American Indians in North Dakota, with discussion of the impact of the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act.
    Author(s): McDonald, F.
    Date: November 2004
    Type: Policy Brief
  • North Dakota Health Professions: Nursing
    Facts on the supply and demand for nurses in North Dakota. Includes data for registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs).
    Author(s): Moulton, P.
    Date: November 2004
    Type: Fact Sheet
  • North Dakota's Uninsured and Uncompensated Care: Costs and Coverage Options
    Policy brief on health insurance coverage and the uninsured in North Dakota. Discusses the financial impact of uncompensated care on the healthcare system and describes several methods for expanding health insurance coverage.
    Author(s): Kruger, G.
    Date: November 2004
    Type: Policy Brief
  • North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Licensed Nurse Survey – Year 2
    Reports licensed nurse survey results including the topics of demographic statistics, income, pursing a faculty role, part-time employment, primary and secondary employment settings, direct patient care, retirement plans, workplace environments, and nursing shortage solutions.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., Wakefield, M., & Bennett, C.
    Date: July 2004
    Type: Report
  • Nursing Faculty Focus Group Results
    Reports results from a survey of nursing faculty focus groups. Covers demographics, workload, use of technology to teach on-line courses, faculty recruitment and retention, shortage solutions, and focus group discussion results. These topics include expanding clinical sites, alternative clinical site scheduling, lab space and equipment, use of information technology to outreach courses, student recruitment issues, recruitment of qualified faculty, barriers to obtaining full professor status, preventing faculty loss due to retirement, and encouraging students to pursue faculty roles.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., & Speaker, P.
    Date: July 2004
    Type: Report
  • North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Student Survey Results
    Reports results from a survey of students covering demographics, factors in choosing a nursing career or nursing education program, clinical experience, areas of nursing expertise, post-graduation plans, future nursing faculty role plans, nursing shortage solutions, recommendation of nursing profession to relatives, and additional comments about nursing education or practice.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., & Speaker, K.
    Date: June 2004
    Type: Report
  • Health Literacy Review: Promoting Wellness in American Indian Communities; Addressing Health Disparities and Health Literacy; Communicating with our Clients
    Author(s): National Resource Center on Native American Aging
    Date: May 2004
    Type: Resource
  • Healthcare Facility Survey Results: 2004
    Reports on a survey of registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in hospitals and long-term care facilities in North Dakota. Covers recruitment, salary and staffing issues along with suggested solutions for the nursing shortage.
    Author(s): Moulton, P., Evenson, D., & Wakefield, M.
    Date: April 2004
    Type: Report
  • Depression in Northern Plains Indians is Associated with Physical Health and Fitness, Dietary Intakes, Food Insecurity and Cultural Identification
    This study examined the relationships between depression and physical health and fitness, dietary intakes, food insecurity and cultural identification among Northern Plains American Indians.
    Author(s): Penland, J.G., Gray, J.S., Lambert, P., Gonzalez, J., Wilson, E.L., & Lukaski, H.C.
    Publication: The FASEB Journal, 18(4), A516
    Date: March 2004
    Type: Journal Article