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The Center for Rural Health produces publications of several types, including maps and presentations.


Dementia Care Services Project: Supporting Caregivers in North Dakota
Author(s): Muus, K., Volkov, B., Klug, M., Mueller, J., & Haley-Franklin, H.
Date: December 2010
Type: Policy Brief
North Dakota Critical Access Hospital Quality Network Evaluation Executive Summary
Presents a summary of the North Dakota CAH Quality Network's evaluation, activities, and accomplishments from 2008-2010.
Project: CAH Quality Network
Author(s): Gibbens, B.
Date: December 2010
Type: Report
Geographic Differences in Potentially Preventable Readmission Rates in Rural and Urban Hospitals
Presents a study that estimated Potentially Preventable Hospital Readmissions (PPRs) in three types of acute care hospitals: urban prospective payment system (PPS) hospitals, rural PPS hospitals, and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs).
Author(s): Klug, M., Knudson, A., & Muus, K.
Date: November 2010
Type: Policy Brief
North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Year Nine Facility Survey Results
Includes the results from the facility survey, currently in its ninth year, which was sent to all hospitals, long-term care facilities, regional public health facilities, clinics, and home health facilities in North Dakota.
Author(s): Moulton, P., & Johnson, S.
Date: September 2010
Type: Report
Utilization of Technology by Nursing Programs in North Dakota
Presents a picture of the use of technology in nursing education in North Dakota, including student and faculty readiness, clinical training technologies, and distance learning.
Author(s): Moulton, P., & Lang, T.
Date: September 2010
Type: Report
Effect of Post-Discharge Follow-Up Care on Re-Admissions Among U.S. Veterans with Congestive Heart Failure: A Rural-Urban Comparison
This study examined socio-demographics of US veterans with CHF who had 30 day potentially preventable re-admissions and compare the effect of 30 day VA post-discharge service use on these re-admissions for rural- and urban-dwelling veterans.
Author(s): Muus, K., Knudson, A., Klug, M., Gokun, J., Sarrazin, M., & Kaboli, P.
Publication: Journal of Rural and Remote Health, 10(2)
Date: June 2010
Type: Journal Article
Native Aging Visions, Spring 2010
Newsletter developed by the National Resource Center on Native American Aging.
Project: National Resource Center on Native American Aging
Author(s): National Resource Center on Native American Aging
Date: May 2010
Type: Newsletter
Congestive Heart Failure
The study examined congestive health failure among American Indian and Alaska Native elders. Covers the prevalence of CHF among American Indian/Alaska Native elders, assessing gender and age patterns of CHF prevalence, determining other disorder that are commonly found among American Indian/Alaska Native elders with CHF, and examining the relationship between CHF, physical activity, and body mass index.
Project: National Resource Center on Native American Aging
Author(s): Muus, K.
Date: February 2010
Type: Fact Sheet
Small Hospital Improvement Program Progress Report: Fiscal Year 2008–2009
Project: Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program
Author(s): Miller, M.
Date: January 2010
Type: Report
Circles of Strength: A Case Description of Culturally Integrated Suicide Prevention
This article presents a case description of an American Indian female at high risk for suicide in effort to document the potential effectiveness of a college student suicide prevention program designed for Northern Plains American Indian students.
Author(s): Gray, J.S., & Muehlenkamp, J.J.
Publication: Archives of Suicide Research, 14, 182-191
Date: 2010
Type: Journal Article