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The Center for Rural Health produces publications of several types, including maps and presentations.


North Dakota Critical Access Hospital and Flex Program: 2008 Survey Results
Reports findings of a survey administered in February 2008 and compares data to that of 2005. Includes information on current operating status and network activity, anticipated changes over the next two years, and the prioritization of issues.
Project: Flex
Author(s): Miller, M.
Date: July 2008
Type: Report
North Dakota Nursing Faculty Survey Results
Reports on a survey of nursing faculty in North Dakota. Includes demographics, student debt load, continuing education, employment, salary, job satisfaction, and retirement plans.
Author(s): Lang, T., & Moulton, P.
Date: July 2008
Type: Report
North Dakota Nursing Supply and Demand
Provides information about North Dakota nurse supply and demand.
Author(s): Moulton, P.
Date: July 2008
Type: Testimony
North Dakota Nursing Supply and Demand Projections
Presents characteristics of current and forecasted nurse supply and demand for the state of North Dakota. Includes registered nurse (RN) & licensed practical nurse (LPN) numbers, graduation rates, retirement plans, vacancy rates, and more.
Author(s): Moulton, P., & Lang, T.
Date: July 2008
Type: Report
Hearing on the Need for Green Cards for Highly Skilled Workers
Provides a testimony on the benefit of the Conrad J-1 Visa Waiver Program to rural areas with physician shortages.
Author(s): Amundson, M.
Date: June 2008
Type: Testimony
Healthcare Needs of North Dakota American Indian Veterans
Offers highlights from a survey of three tribes in North Dakota regarding healthcare needs of North Dakota American Indian Veterans. Data includes demographics, health status, behavioral risk factors, preventative care, access, and use of services, Veterans Administration (VA) care, and Indian health service care.
Project: National Resource Center on Native American Aging
Author(s): Baker-Demaray, T., McDonald, L., & Ludtke, R.
Date: March 2008
Type: Report
Native Aging Visions, Winter 2007
Newsletter developed by the National Resource Center on Native American Aging.
Project: National Resource Center on Native American Aging
Author(s): National Resource Center on Native American Aging
Date: February 2008
Type: Newsletter
An Innovative Approach to Student Internships on American Indian Reservations
Discusses the benefits of Project CRISTAL (Collaborative Rural Interdisciplinary Service Training and Learning), where students work on an American Indian reservation to increase access to healthcare and cultural competency. Overviews health professional shortages, the lack of diversity in health careers, the benefits of an interprofessional team, and community-academic collaboration.
Author(s): Amundson, M., Moulton, P., Zimmerman, S., & Johnson, B.
Publication: Journal of Interprofessional Care, 22(1), 93-101
Date: January 2008
Type: Journal Article
North Dakota Health Information Technology (HIT) Fact Sheet
Describes HIT, its uses within North Dakota and the role of the HIT Steering committee. The information in this fact sheet was collected from the North Dakota State HIT report, Connecting North Dakota for a Healthier Future, Dec. 2008.
Project: State Office of Rural Health
Author(s): Dickson, L.
Date: January 2008
Type: Report


Small Hospital Improvement Program Grant Report
Project: Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program
Author(s): Miller, M.
Date: November 2007
Type: Report