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The Center for Rural Health produces publications of several types, including maps and presentations.

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Promoting Positive Mental Health in Rural Schools
This resource from the Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center aims to promote positive mental health in rural schools.
Project: Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center
Author(s): Heitkamp, T., Nielsen, S., Schroeder, S.
Date: August 2019
Type: Resource


Custody of Grandchildren: Information for Grandparents
When grandparents are considering having custody of grandchildren, many things should be considered and this guide outlines those considerations.
Project: National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative
Author(s): NIEJI
Date: July 2018
Type: Resource
Grandparent Preparedness Checklist
This document provides a checklist for considering taking on responsibility of raising grandchildren.
Project: National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative
Author(s): NIEJI
Date: July 2018
Type: Resource
Standardized Dental Screening for New Nursing Home Residents: A Promising Practice Guide
This guide provides a template for nursing home administrators and dental professionals to help ensure all nursing home residents, upon admission, have dental screenings done by dental professionals.
Author(s): Schroeder, S., Fix, N.
Date: April 2018
Type: Resource


Key Points: Rural Health and Health Reform in North Dakota
Summarizes the main themes for healthcare and health reform in rural North Dakota. Themes include access to care, health workforce, population health, and Accountable Care Organization Improvement Models importance to North Dakota.
Project: State Office of Rural Health
Author(s): Gibbens, B.
Date: March 2017
Type: Resource


Chart Book and Interactive Data: Exploring Rural and Urban Mortality Differences
Exploring Rural and Urban Mortality Differences contains visual aids which display indicators of mortality rates by age group, rural-urban status, region, and sex (for populations 15 years of age and older) cross-referenced to tables and statistical results. Individual data tables are available, as well as online tools which allow you to interact with the data and select variables of interest. Data and visuals are presented for 10 leading causes of death for each age group as reported by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.
Project: Rural Health Reform Policy Research Center
Author(s): Knudson, A., Meit, M., Tanenbaum, E., Brady, J., Gilbert, T., Klug, M., Arsen, E., Popat, S., Schroeder, S.
Date: March 2016
Type: Resource


American Indians FAQs
This document answers frequently asked questions about American Indian culture, tribes, reservations, and sovereignty.
Projects: National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative, National Resource Center on Native American Aging
Author(s): National Resource Center on Native American Aging, Seven Generations Center of Excellence in Native Behavioral Health, National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiation
Date: May 2015
Type: Resource
Community Engagement Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to assist groups and individuals throughout North Dakota in engaging their community to make a difference through a collaborative process.
Author(s): Knauf, T.
Date: March 2015
Type: Resource


Conducting Community Health Needs Assessments: An Eight-Step Process
An assessment process centered around convening a broad-based Community Group that reviews data and information to identify health needs of the community, provides qualitative input, and makes recommendations to the health facility.
Project: Flex
Author(s): North Dakota Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility (Flex) Program
Date: June 2012
Type: Resource


EMS Visioning
A vision for the future of EMS in North Dakota.
Project: Flex
Author(s): Miller, M.
Date: September 2011
Type: Resource