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Catalytic Program on Utilizing the Inflation Reduction Act

The Catalytic Program on Utilizing the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is designed to support healthcare providers and safety net organizations who may wish to use tax credits, grants, and other resources available. The program offers webinars and breakout sessions to help organizations assess needs and opportunities.

The State Office of Rural Health provides technical assistance related to this program for interested North Dakota providers, facilities, and organizations.

Program Eligibility and Deadlines

The IRA consists of several different programs, distinct tax credits, and grant programs, so program eligibility and deadlines will differ.

This table summarizes the high-level eligibility requirements and timelines for some of the key programs and policies being tracked for the health sector. This is not a complete list. To learn more about these key programs, see Quickfinder for Leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act for the Health Sector.

Program/Policy Eligibility Timeline
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit Businesses, individuals, and tax-exempt organizations located in low-income or non-urban areas Available from 2023 through 2032
Credit for Qualified Commercial Clean Vehicles Businesses and tax-exempt organizations Available from 2023 through 2032
Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction Owners of qualified commercial buildings and designers of properties installed in buildings owned by certain tax-exempt entities Available now; permanent
Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grants Program A partnership between two community-based non-profit organizations (CBOs) or a partnership between a CBO and one of the following: a Federally-Recognized Tribe, a local government, or an institution of higher education Applications accepted on a rolling basis until November 21, 2024
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund More information to come when national nonprofit clean financing institutions and hub nonprofits are awarded To be determined
Investment Tax Credit for Energy Property Businesses and tax-exempt organizations Available now; becomes technology-neutral and emissions-based in 2025
Rural Energy for America Program Agricultural producers and rural small businesses Over $1 billion available through September 2024



Upcoming Webinars

Learn more about topics covered and sign up for all or some of these upcoming sessions:

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