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Educating and Informing

The Center for Rural Health is committed to enhancing the understanding of rural health issues in our state, region, and the nation. We work with a wide range of rural stakeholders to:

  • Raise awareness about the challenges facing rural communities
  • Help people working on rural issues share their experiences and learn from one another
  • Support informed decision making

What We Can Do for You

In the area of educating and informing, we offer:

  • Key North Dakota rural statistics, maps and supporting information via fact sheets and other publications.
  • Presentations by our staff on a wide variety of rural health topics. For more details or to request a presentation, see our speakers bureau.
  • Professional development opportunities at the Dakota Conference on Rural and Public Health as well as other workshops and meetings.
  • E-mail updates on state and national resources and opportunities via the Center for Rural Health Update
  • The Rural Health Information Hub offers an online clearinghouse with information on 80 key rural health and human services topics and all 50 states, examples of successful programs and approaches, tools to support grant writing, free customized assistance and much more.

Our Expertise

Our staff and faculty present and publish on a wide range of rural health topics at the national, regional, tribal, state and community levels. We also serve on a variety of national and regional boards, committees, and taskforces, all with the aim of helping to inform people, organizations, and policy discussions about rural issues.

We provide information to the North Dakota Legislature, the Governor’s office, and our state’s federal delegation, as well as to legislative staff across the country.

The Center for Rural Health has operated the Rural Assistance Center for nearly ten years and also oversees one other national online information portal, the Rural Health Research Gateway.

Key Contact

Kristine Sande, MBA - Associate Director

Most Recent Publications

  • Reworks: A Robust System Efficiency Measure
    This article reports on the inaugural Australian-American system evaluation summit convened in Wyoming, focusing on the application of system evaluation theory.
    Author(s): Renger, R., Keogh, B., Hawkins, A., Foltysova, J., Souvannasacd, E.
    Publication: Evaluation Journal of Australasia
    Date: September 2018
    Type: Journal Article
  • Connect and Engage
    Critical Access Hospitals in North Dakota are using telehealth and technology to connect and reconnect to meet the needs of their rural patients.
    Author(s): Kusler, S.
    Publication: North Dakota Medicine, 43(2), 14-15
    Date: June 2018
    Type: Magazine
  • Stirring Things Up: CRH Founder Is a Mover and Shaker in Rural Healthcare
    As a University of North Dakota student, founder director of the Center for Rural Health, and consultant, Dr. Kevin Fickenscher likes to stir things up.
    Author(s): Haugen, B.
    Publication: North Dakota Medicine, 43(2), 10-11
    Date: June 2018
    Type: Magazine
  • Rural Health Research RECAP: Opioid Use and Treatment Availability
    Examines opioid use in rural communities as well as the perceived need for and use of treatment for opioid use disorder.
    Author(s): Schroeder, S.
    Date: January 2018
    Type: Fact Sheet
  • Defining Systems to Evaluate System Efficiency and Effectiveness
    Article focuses on the application of systems thinking, systems theory and systems evaluation theory (SET) in evaluating of modern day systems efficiency and effectiveness.
    Author(s): Renger, R., Foltysova, J., Renger, J., Booze, W.
    Publication: Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 17(3), 4-13
    Date: August 2017
    Type: Journal Article

Most Recent Presentations

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