Call for Presentations

Rural and public health professionals are encouraged to submit abstracts for the 2016 Dakota Conference on Rural and Public Health.

Presentation Topics
Presentations should feature community or research projects that use creative strategies, facilitate the collaboration between rural and public health entities, can be replicated, and have an emphasis on educating and developing partnerships. Presentation topic options include, but are not limited to:

  • Administration
  • Creative Strategies
  • Diverse Populations
  • Financing
  • Prevention/Promotion
  • Professional Development
  • Quality
  • Workforce

Presenter Information

  • Presenters for oral and poster sessions receive a discounted full conference registration fee.
  • Presenters must be registered as a conference participant for, at minimum, the day(s) they are presenting. Full conference registration at the reduced presenters’ registration fee is highly encouraged.
  • Abstract submissions must be received no later than 8:00 am CST Friday, October 2, 2015.
  • No honorarium or travel expense reimbursement will be provided for presenters submitting through the “Call for Presentations” process.
  • Presentation descriptions may not exceed 60 words.
  • Presentation abstracts, used for the Conference program, may not exceed 350 words.
  • Presenter biographies may not exceed 150 words.
  • Letters of acceptance will be sent electronically no later than November 4, 2015.
  • All correspondence, including acknowledgement of receipt of submission, will be conducted electronically.
  • Continuing education is sought for all presentations so presenter agreements must be completed and received by by 5:00 pm CST on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 in order to allow time for credit approval. ALL SLIDES MUST BE RECEIVED BY DUE DATE BECAUSE IT IS REQUIRED THAT THEY BE REVIEWED BY THE OFFICE OF CME PRIOR TO THE CONFERENCE.

Oral Presentations

Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in length and should allow for discussion time. This is a competitive process and all abstracts may not be accepted for oral presentations. Additionally, in some instances, the committee may only be able to afford a 30 minute time slot when a 60 minute slot is requested. Oral presentation abstracts not selected may be afforded the opportunity to instead present with a poster session.

Presentations with more than three speakers must send additional speaker information to

Submit an Oral Presentation abstract

Poster Presentations

Poster presentation sessions occur during two one-hour sessions of the conference. Each poster presenter will be given to 10 minutes to present their poster information. In the event that there is more than one author on a poster, only one author (the presenter) is required to register for the conference and be in attendance during the poster session times. Any author attending the conference (including the poster presentation) must be registered as a conference attendee.

Failure to display a selected poster presentation at the Conference will result in an automatic $50.00 cancellation fee and will jeopardize the selection of future abstracts for both oral and poster presentations. Penalties may not apply under extenuating circumstances that are approved by the planning committee prior to the start of the Conference.

Posters with more than three authors must send additional author information to

Submit an Poster Presentation abstract