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Focus on Rural Health
Category: Working with Communities

Around the World in Rural North Dakota

June 1, 2014

Center for Rural Health staff members have driven enough miles to nearly travel around the earth at the equator – all without leaving North Dakota. They are conducting Community Health Needs Assessments to help focus rural health efforts on identified needs.
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Success in Stanley

March 1, 2014

Mountrail County Health Center in Stanley, North Dakota has experienced increased patient volumes due to oil development in their service area. Their providers and staff are facing the struggles head on, and becoming better because of it.
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The North Dakota Brain Injury Network

March 1, 2014

Brain injuries don't just happen to football players. People are dealing with the oftentimes debilitating aftermath of brain injuries here in North Dakota, from concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries.
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Celebrating the Power of Rural

December 1, 2013

Rural communities are a wonderful place to live and work, and continue to make strides even when faced against the steepest of challenges. National Rural Health Day showcases the strengths of rural America.
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