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Primary Care Office Publications


The Price of Healing
Several options for loan repayment provide medical professionals with a better way to reduce student loan debt.
Project: Primary Care Office
Author(s): Kusler, S.
Publication: Focus on Rural Health
Date: October 2021
Type: Article


Health Professional Shortage Area Scoring & Data Sources
A fact sheet explaining the basic criteria and data used in scoring Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) for the primary care, mental health, and dental health disciplines.
Project: Primary Care Office
Author(s): North Dakota Primary Care Office
Date: September 2020
Type: Fact Sheet
CRH Continues Its Mission During COVID-19
Center for Rural Health (CRH) staff help rural communities, healthcare facilities, and others navigate through COVID-19.
Projects: National Resource Center on Native American Aging, North Dakota Brain Injury Network, Primary Care Office, Project ECHO, Rural Health Information Hub, Rural Health Research Gateway, Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program
Author(s): Haugen, B.
Publication: Focus on Rural Health
Date: July 2020
Type: Article