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Due to COVID-19, CRH will continue working remotely until further notice.

Health Professions Education in Rural Communities TeleECHO

The Health Professions Education in Rural Communities (HPERC) Community Apgar Project identifies and weighs factors important in health professions education. Presenters will address the development and initial use of the HPERC Community Apgar Program, review the initial findings for Montana and North Dakota, and discuss with the attendees how the results can be utilized to strengthen education and workforce efforts for rural communities. Whether a rural community is new to having health professions learners or experienced in teaching, the HPERC questionnaire and process is designed to provide a community with a differential diagnosis of modifiable factors for improving success.

Virtual Learning Network

Each of the three sessions will feature health professions educators with experience collaborating with rural communities to bring the best of education and recruitment to retention strategies. Following a brief presentation, participants will have the opportunity to share their own issues and questions as well as ideas for collaboration and sharing of best practices.

TeleECHO Topics

  • Lessons Learned and Moving Forward Together
    April 7
    Findings from HPERC (Year 1) in Montana and North Dakota with an emphasis on how to utilize lessons learned.
  • Expertise and Community Experiences
    May 5
    Opportunities for discussion with experienced health professions educators, focused on rural communities.
  • Aligning Education and Workforce Efforts
    June 2
    Techniques that encourage quality education along with recruitment and retention of learners to our rural communities.