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Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery TeleECHO

Join a Virtual Learning Network

Many residents in North Dakota have limited access to post-acute stroke care specialty services that could benefit them. Access to high quality rehabilitation and secondary prevention care will improve outcomes for stroke patients across North Dakota.


The goal of this teleECHO™ is to equitably increase stroke patients' access to guideline-based post-acute care that can improve and prolong their lives, especially in rural and underserved communities throughout North Dakota. These sessions will address knowledge gaps and expand understanding of effective, high quality medical and rehabilitation treatments for conditions common among the stroke patient population.


Attendees will be provided with easy-to-access learning and a platform to share and disseminate best practices in the rapidly evolving field of post-acute stroke care and rehabilitation. Participants will be able to:

  • Address physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms relevant to post-stroke care and safety
  • Incorporate evidence-based rehabilitation practices
  • Better understand team roles and responsibilities, including the importance of working as an interdisciplinary team, to provide post-acute stroke treatment and care
  • Present your de-identified cases for collaborative discussion and guidance

Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery TeleECHO Offers

  • Free continuing education credits for healthcare professionals
  • Collaboration, support, and ongoing learning with subject-matter experts and healthcare staff
  • New ways to support patients in their home community