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Hypertension Management TeleECHO

Join a Virtual Learning Network

Learn about the importance of providing proper hypertension management solutions to patients within your community and improve access to hypertension management and treatment for patients and residents across North Dakota.


The goal of this teleECHO™ series is to provide an overview of hypertension prevalence in North Dakota and how to use data and stats to prevent, control, and treat hypertension; learn about complementary and alternative hypertension treatment options; proper statin use for hypertension treatment; and how to manage hypertension through lifestyle modification.


Learn about best practices and evidence-based care for patients with complex medical conditions through didactic and case presentations. Participants will be able to:

  • Effectively diagnose hypertension according to evidence-based guidelines
  • Formulate and implement acceptable treatment modalities according to evidence-based guidelines
  • Acquire new skills, competencies, and best practices in hypertension management

This TeleECHO Offers

  • Free continuing education credits for healthcare professionals
  • Collaboration, support, and ongoing learning with subject-matter experts and healthcare staff
  • New ways to support patients in their home community